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Hi Y'all,

I just had to share. I quit pumping for my inefficient nurser about a month ago. I still let him nurse, and I still have milk. The frustrating part is that I have had three plugged ducts in the last month. He just doesn't have the nursing power to clear them, so I take lecithin and pump with a Medela Harmony.

Today I was pumping, and when I stopped, I noticed some thick yellow stuff just coming out of one of my pores. I pulled it out and started hand expressing thick, stringy yellow stuff out of that pore. A lot of it came out and now my breast feels so much better. Whoopee!

And, well, while I'm posting, I might as well ask if any of you have good ideas about preventing recurrent plugged ducts. A well nursing baby is the best preventative, but unfortunately, I don't have one of those!

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