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<p>Let me start off by introducing myself and my family. My DH and I have been married for four years. We have one son that will be six in a few months. We also have three four legged family members who are like children to us. We have been not trying but not preventing for most of our relationship.</p>
<p>Three years ago I saw my family doctor and told her that my DH and I wanted to start trying for a second child. She told me I should wait because I was so young, but IMO I already had one child I was ready to add another miracle to our family, but I took her advice and went on BC for a year to "level" out my AF since it had started to take on a mind of it's own and would refuse to show for several months at a time! In 2007 she showed maybe three times the whole year! The family doctor said I had PCOS but never confirmed it. She told me to go off BC in one year, which I was off the BC for a year and guess who decided to be MIA... yes you got that right AF once again had a mind of it's own. I can't tell you how many nights I cried myself to sleep because I can not for the life of me figure out what my body is doing. It is so unfair that I go months without AF but still get a BFN! It is such a tease :-( </p>
<p>I went to see another doctor and he did blood tests and all sorts of other things to me which I don't even remember. Basically he was trying to figure out why I was having secondary infertility. The blood tests showed slightly higher levels of the male hormones our bodies have. He suggested I go on a different BC for one year.... again I went off it after a year and for the first five months with out the support of the BC I had AF visit me.</p>
<p>I am now learning how to chart, ordered ovulation tests, and continue my search for ways to "jump start" my AF. I have not had AF visit since September, 2010 I was reading that Raspberry leaf tea four times a day can help a woman's reproductive health so I decided why not try it since AF was still MIA. I'm not sure if its my body playing tricks on me or the tea but almost three days into my tea drinking I'm SPOTTING! I am super happy that I finally have something happening, lets just hope that AF continues until I get my BFP. </p>
<p>I love my son dearly, but I have that maternal need to hold a baby in my arms I am looking forward to my pregnancy if I get blessed enough to have one. I have some family who tell me "you should be happy you already have one" don't get me wrong I am so happy I have my son but that doesn't mean I can't be sad that I can't have the family that we dreamed about having. I want my son to have siblings. I am the oldest of four and my mom is the youngest of SIX, my husband is the oldest of three. I know what it is like to always have a busy family environment that makes the holidays so much fun, and always having someone to play with or talk to. I want that for my son.</p>
<p>I am aching to breastfeed since I wasn't able to for very long with my son since he had to have surgery at 17 weeks old for pyloricstenosis. His Pediatrician thought it was my milk making him sick instead of an internal problem so I had to stop breastfeeding which crushed me. My husband and I have both had an emotional roller coaster over the years. I go "baby crazy" crying (in private) when I find another one of my girl pals are pregnant. I am happy for them but also I'm crushed because I want to have that same joy. I shop online for baby items that I want for my imaginary nursery. I feel completely insane. I PG test whenever I have a month AF doesn't come even though deep down I know that it will come up a BFN... Gotta have hope right?</p>
<p>Sorry this post is so long but back to the point is anyone else in the same boat of not having a clue why AF is MIA? or is anyone using Raspberry leaf tea for reproductive health?</p>
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