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Oh these are so cute!!

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Looks like they might fit my DD too!! Oh DH is going to kill me, I may have to break into my lingere drawer. :LOL
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Iv never used a soaker and know nothing about them...but those are darling!!
There's tons of cute soakers up on eBay right now!
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I don't need more wool, I don't need more wool, I don't need more wool!

Ok, I need a this soaker and a few longies and that's it. No more wool!
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Do you have a girl that this would fit??
It's not a bad price at all!
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I really liked it too! I only wish the waistband was larger in height.
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Both of those are adorable. Thank goodness they are too big for dd
Very cute. Those shorts are a lot of work for that price. Gee, talk about slave wages.
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