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Oh this is definatly trouble!

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I actually did win one mud pies auction, and had a lovely chat with the lad that out bid me on the other. She was sweet we had a good conversation! ANyway OMG!!!!!! I got his brand new mud pies diaper on ebay for just around 10$$$ it is the sfari print and I believe it is a fitted? Either way it is gorgious !!! I have never ever seen a diaper likeit the thickness, the workmanship, OHHHHHHHHH the fluff !!! This is just heart wrenching !! I want so many more so many many more !!!! This is a gorgious diaper ,,,, should definatly be more hyenad!! lol

Too bad i dont have a rear to try it on yet !! I have to wait till october
but oh it is so nice!! I have never been so excited about a diaper !!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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