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Oh where, oh where, has AF gone? Oh where, oh where, could she be?

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Okay, AF is about a week late. I chart, and it looks like I O'ed 22 days ago, and my temp dropped 7 days ago. AF should be here. I feel her coming-- I'm crampy, and bloated, and I have an awful headache. I've been walking around with a pad in my purse for days, and yet-- she's not here.

I have been through two packs of pregnancy tests this week. All BFNs. That's pretty conclusive, right?

What the heck is going on with my body? ARggghhhhhh......

Please don't say "go see your doctor" unless you can't think of anything else to say. I really kinda can't do that right now except in a real emergency because I have to get some insurance issues straightened out.

Editing to say that DD is weaned. So BFing is not a factor...
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s that is stressful. Is there anything you have ever done that seems to get AF going? I know for me, drinking a lot of soy milk, exercising, a hot bath, drinking wine (I get tipsy with 2 glasses) or sex can all seem to kick off AF. Especially the wine- I've had a couple of times I thought I was having a bad hangover and then AF struck- what a bad day! LOL

Those work for me, but trust your own gut about wether you feel right trying them.

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Okay, so now I've had two episodes of the pukes today. I FEEL pregnant, if you wanna know the truth. But there's those BFNs that I got... I think I'm gonna test again tomorrow morning just one more time, just in case. This is making me crazy. I wanna start a new cycle. I've been TTC for 7 months now, and it's letdown enough that AF is coming, without her taking her time about it.
I hate to say this because it is scary, but I've heard that if a pregnancy is ectopic, that you can miss AF, but not get a + HPT. And that would mean you would need to see a doctor. I hope instead you get a BFP and have a healthy 9 months!
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