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My waters broke!

And contractions hurt.



I called my m/w and she was like it could just be vaginal fluid, etc., and I said I don't think so and stood up and GUSH. *laughs*

Definitely waters' gone.

Contrax hitting every 7 mins or so. Looks like the bean's on her way!

Wish me luck.
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OMG! YAY! I'm so excited for you Renee!
Lots of ELV to you

I hope you are holding your sweet little girl very soon!
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YAY! I'm thinking of you! Have an enjoyable labor!!!
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YAY Renee!!!! Now please keep us posted like, as you're going through it all, 'kay? HA HA! I can't wait for your good news!!!!! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
Wow nighten!!

You will do great, you are sooo prepared!!

Let us know!!!
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Well, I'll tell you -- the water breaking thing isn't some one time deal (at least for me) -- it's pretty consistent/constant -- there must've been a ton of fluid in there because I'm soaking through pads every 30 mins or so. It's fine when i'm sitting but when I stand woosh! Bean's head is like a wee cork

Contrax are pretty painful but doable -- @ every 6 mins now, 45 secs to a min each.

DH made some macncheese for the carbs but I so don't want anything ugh.

I called my mom and bless her heart, she freaked -- things have changed so much since she had me. I had to calm her down hehe -- she was like "Your water broke and you're not on your way to the hospital?!?" Bless her heart. I told her that I made sure DH was bringing a bottle of xanax and if she needed to take a half of one and go freak out at the birth center somewhere later that was totally fine. :p I told her she had to just trust me, and we'd go when it was time. But it ain't time yet. I'm so comfy here at home -- want to stay a while.

Anyway, things are definitely progressing. Am feeling a little out of it actually. Think will try to go lie down a while.

Thanks for the happy thoughts
I feel kinda bad that the waters are all going away -- that the bean wont be as comfy on her trip :/ oh well. can't be helped, I reckon. <hugs>
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YAAYAYAYYYYYYYYY will be thinking of you and can't wait for baby news!!!

You really ARE keeping us posted as you're going through it! I have a smile on my face, and I SO needed that! (((((Renee))))) I am sooo excited for you! ~sandi
Good luck Renee! I am not due until April 19th but had a little "gush" today too which I went to L&D to have checked out. They sent me home because the swab to test for amnotic fluid came back negative. I am having contractions but not really painful ones. I really want to meet this baby but I feel so unprepared!

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Hehe -- yeah -- am on the laptop and the contrax program is on this machine so it's not hard for me to log in here. I'm in bed sipping gatorade, breathing, listening to a nature CD and tracking contractions.

DH is asleep bless his heart -- he had such a crap day at work today and I think he was a bit nervous about me being in labor so I was like please SLEEP while you can!

But the bean's *wide* awake and so I can't sleep -- not sure if the contrax would let me anyway? Am gonna try though, since otherwise I'm afraid I am in for a very long night.

It's strange -- I'm surprised by how out of it I feel -- like I'm drugged almost? Didn't expect that at all -- maybe I should put in the Grateful Dead haha.

Contractions are definitely harder now and lasting about a minute. Am really gonna go try to sleep if i can.

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I am so excited for you! Definately rest if you can! Also if you are still on just so you know you will continue to make amniotic fluid so don't worry about baby. Thats why it constantly leaks out. Cannot wait to hear any news.
YAY Renee!!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story and see pictures!!!

Yay Renee, have a GREAT birth, can't wait to hear all about it

: Happy Birthing
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How cool that you are in labor! I'll be thinking of you today! I wish you good luck, an easy labor and a beautiful baby!!
Can't wait for another post! Sounds like you are coping beautifully. Being in "labourland" (that out of it feeling) really helps.
Hope you have your baby soon!
I'm hoping you have had her or are close, so this is a little belated but good luck!!!!! Congradulations
Congrats Renee!!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story!
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