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BIG yarn store SCORE!! Hey Theresa, I had a HUGE duh moment at the yarn store! OMG I am such a moron..... the whole knitting in the round thing with how to do the double points...all the books...all the diagrams....all the instructions I have found DON'T mention that you need one more needle than you have the stitches on! Like if you have 3 needles full of stitches you need 4 needles (one with no stitches on it to knit with! DUHHHHH I was so not able to picture how on earth you knit with all those stitches on the needles, I mean they would fall off as you knit more on!! WACK! as soon as she said that you need the empty needle to knit with I thought OMG that explains it ALL!! Why don't those books/pictures/diagrams say that? They have the brittany ones at the yarn store, they are $5.50- $7.50 depending, but I didn't get them today.

I DID get more wool in BOY colors, she just got it in, she said if I hadn't come in today she was going to call me about it! Since I was bugging her about getting boy colors! YAY

And my BIG score was the book "Knitting for babies & kids" which is helping me learn more about knitting and giving me ideas for patterns (I never actually follow another 'pattern' it is too many rules for me usually- such the rebel) now they actually have knit rompers, knit overalls, sets with matching hats and cardigans, different pants patterns (wouldn't really work as the 'cover' pants though they are more of a bubble type, but VERY cute) and then they have a one peice coverall knit it is SO cute!! OMG I am having to knit stuff for my kids now too, where on earth am I going to find the time!

Anyway the main reason I was posting too is to say this book also has a pattern for a soaker in it! and it isn't a vintage book or a 'old' pattern! it is a brand new edition, and GREAT! so anyone looking for kids patterns that wanted ideas for a soaker, the book "Knitting for Babies & Kids" has great ideas, and would be a great pattern for a soaker and then you could also do the matching stuff that goes with it!
just thought I would share, the book was $25 but it has SO many amazing patterns (from beginner to intermediate) that it was well worth the price! ~
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