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Ohhh, I love this 4th of July print

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I've been eyeing this fitted for the last week or so. She had two I finally caved and bought it. I have a 4th of July themed cover coming from Crystal's Cloths so I figured I'd need a holiday-themed fitted to go under it.

Here's my justification - its a one size so she can wear it again next year.

Does anyone else do silly justifications just so they don't feel overly guilty about buying something that isn't needed?
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We'd love one of those....does she have any left?

NM, I see that she does and I have to rethink this.....
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Yup, she's got one of that print left.

Its in the 3 step rise, 1 size diapers section. From that menu you need to go into the Limited Edition diapers.

I also purchased the Flags print.
I love this one, too, better than the flag 4th of July prints. I was SOOOO tempted to get it when I logged on to her site minutes ago. It was still available last I checked!
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