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Ohhh, my aching pubic bone!

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Just curious if any of you feel like your pubic bone is splitting in two?? This is my second, and I remember feeling this (well much worse!!) when ds's head was crowning. Could I have damaged it? I'm in my third tri., and it's been getting worse as this little one gets bigger. I just don't want it to split apart when this one crowns!! Eeekkkk...anyone have something like this on your 2+ babe?
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nak....but check this site

had with babies 2 and 3
Thanks Kristina....great article. I have an appt with the mw today, so I'll chat with her about it too. I also need to see the chiro this week, so maybe that will help!
At least it's not all the time, just when I seem to be overly active!
I had this w/ my first and was told that all pregnant women are in pain all the time and I needed to get used to it.

W/ my 2nd I started seeing a hiroprator (sorry that key isn't working at all. we just moved. have to find the newer keyboard) and was amazed that he fied it so easily. I had to go in every 3 weeks I think.

This time, my 3rd, I started having it really early in my pregnany. My joints seemed to all loosen up at the beginning of the 2nd trimester! I was going to see my hiroprator every 2 weeks for it! My insurane is overing it, but he suggested I do more strething and/or try some prenatal yoga. So I got a DVD and it helps so muh! I also started gardneing a lot more lately w/ the weeds going razy and all that squatting (I've been trying to squat instead of sit or kneel to weed) seems to help a lot as well. My sister tells me I should squat on the floor in front of the ouh to wath tv instead of sitting. But she's razy. LOL! No, seriously, she's probably right (she's a Bradley instrutor), but I'm too lazy. LOL! Good luk! Hope you feel better soon!
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I've had this since about 23 weeks. This is my first baby and it took me completely by surprise. I saw a chiro a couple of times but it didn't seem to help me much. Squatting and moving around usually help, but of course I sit in a desk chair all day so when I get up it's just agony... Oh pelvic tilts and the knee-chest position help a lot. I think in my case it's when baby gets himself in a certain position, and those exercises seem to scoot him around a little and provide a lot of relief.
I had this and saw a chiropractor who did Webster technique and pain is gone! I went 3x/wk for 3 wks and am down to 1x/wk for now. check out august due date club for a 2 page thread on this.
hope you get some relief!
I didn't have it with ds1 but am having it now in pregnancy #2. It started about 20 weeks but it is not terrible. I know it is b/c I birthed ds1 on my back with dh pushing my legs far apart. I was in terrible pain for a month after the birth so I learned to never separate my legs. That is what I am doing now and it works. Reading that site made me feel lucky to not be in so much pain!
I've had horrible pubic pain this pregnancy and only recently has it subsided (to the point where it's tolerable and not imobilizing). My baby was posterior and has since found the "right" position and the pain is hardly noticeable now.
Thanks everyone

I saw the mw yesterday, and we chatted about it. She assured me that I would not split in two!! LOL!! After reading the article, I feel fortunate that mine's not too bad either. I'll be really curious to see how the crowning goes this time!
I'll be better about the exercising too, and I need to take more breaks during the day....easier said than done with an almost 3 year old!

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I think that if you had damaged it before- like torn the cartilage you would not be having pain now--because it would have made it wider and so the baby wouldn't be stretching it now. are you wearing low heeled shoes? sleeping with pillows to support between your knees when sleeping on your side and under your tummy and if you sleep on your back pillows under you knees to reduce the strain.
A dear friend and old midwifery partner ended up using crutches in her last 4 pregnancies because of her pelvic cartilage
Ok, I'm back :LOL

What helped for me was accupuncture! My pain with #2 was bad, but I tolerated it. But with baby #3, it was outrageous! My MW set me up with an accupuncture clinic.

Say my worst pain was a 10 on the 1-10 scale. A few days after my first treatment, the pain was an 8, after the second, a 7. Tolarable.....

Good luck momma!!
I did end up going to see the chiro last week, and the pain has been much less. She said it was out. Now the only times I really notice it are when I roll to my other side at night (better if I just bend my knees and roll them together), and sometimes when I move in a different way.
Thanks for all of the support! I hope that those of you that are dealing with it too find similar comfort

I'll have to keep acupuncture in mind if it starts up more again, good idea!!
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I have this too. It's from my 3rd birth, where I had just a bit of dystocia and my body did exactly what it was supposed to and opened wide enough for him. It was painful to recover from. For me, squatting is *totally* out. I can't squat at all. Also, sleeping on my side is uncomfortable. I plan to bind myself after the birth in the hopes that it will help. Also, I'm birthing in water to help with the pain of separation again.

Good luck to you!
SunnyDay - glad you got some relief.
I just got back from a weekly chiro visit and am amazed at how great my body has felt these last few weeks. I attribute much of it to the adjustments that have allowed me more movement to do other things to keep myself feeling good. it is a wonderful circle!
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