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Ok....a dumb question......

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Let me don my bag now

When you let the little ones run around naked outside, what do you do when they inevitably go potty? Inside, I acknowledge that he's peeing (we have naked time after bath every night) and we clean it up, no biggie. But what about poops?

Last summer we didn't really go naked outside, this summer, I think it'll be fun! Although not at our house as nosey, busybody neighbors have called the police on ds's naked swimming, so I think naked gardening is out, but we'll be at my parents' farm alot and it'll be great out there.
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Anguschick1Although not at our house as nosey said:
the cops? is this illegal? did they charge him w/ exceding the cuteness limit?

i was wondering how to do this myself
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The cops didn't do anything, The dog was going nuts in the house and I called out that I was in the back if I needed to sign anything (thinking it was the UPS guy) and the cop just walked into my back yard, saw me sitting by the pool w/cups & bowls for filling/dumping, ds naked as a jaybird bouncing up and down in the pool and told me why he was there.

The cop and I kind of laughed at the lady calling and I did ask him when it would become inappropriate and he said, "when the kid is old enough to care you won't have to worry about it anymore." But he did mention that lady didn't call it in as a naked swimming boy complaint, but a naked child running wild unsupervised complaint, so it would be best to just keep a diaper on him to keep her quiet. All in all, annoying, but nothing too bad.
Outside and peeing, i would do to much about and pooping outside,just spay it off with the hose.Mateo runs outside naked all the time and we live in an apartment with nosey seniors,I dare them to say or call the cops.
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