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Ok alberta and manitoba mamas come out come out

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wherever you are.....

I am lookin at leaving ontario.... and ive looked around and alberta and manitoba seem like really good places...

now i want to know where some of you live and why u like it and why u hate it.. dont speak for the whole province.. jus ur city....

how are the homeschooling laws? how is the local farming? alot of hfs and organic food?? farmers markets??? and any thing else u can think of... and what is the name to ur local paper so i can check online for employment and rental ads.. i plan on renting an apt so no need to tell me about buying houses etc...

Thank you...

(hey maybe one of you will let me stay at ur place... ) :LOL
girls gotta try...
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I am in Lethbridge, AB. It is better than some places, worse than others. Homeschooling laws (from what I hear, my ds is only 3 so we're not there yet...) are some of the best in the country. Not too much intervention and you get around $1400/year for curric. and supplies (I would double check that though just to be sure). There is a pretty big homeschooling community here. They hold monthly meetings that I keep meaning to check out

We are in cattle country, so many of the farms around here are feedlots
There are some organic farmers though. Farmers market is once a week. Lots of Hutterite Colonies around here too and they sell lots of veggies at the farmers market for not much $$$. There are several HFS and 1 organic market. All the grocery stores have health food sections and offer organic food as well.

There are some natural minded folks here, not many, but some. We are trying to bring some better stuff here, but change takes time. A friend of mine just started a chapter of Families For Natural Living here and we are about to plan our 2nd meeting. There is LLL as well.

It is about 1-1.5 hours to several really great hiking and/or camping areas and just over 2 to Calgary.

There are lots of jobs in some fields and none in others. There is a college and a university, so vacancy rates are pretty low from Sept-April. Public transit is somewhat lacking, but they are trying to improve it. Hmmmmmm, that is all I can think of!Lethbridge Herald
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