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Ok all this talk about CPF and pins is making me want to try ONE more time!

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I just cannot feel the CPF love but with all this talk I think I must just be doing it wrong! So does anyone have links to sites that show how to do different folds?

I have some CPF and think if I knew how to use them and I dyed them fun colors I might actually enjoy using them!

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That's the link I looked at when I was starting to learn the prefold ways.

Though I still cannot get a tight fit around the legs with thses pins, darn it!!!! I may be back to snappi's before I know it.

GOOD LUCK! Prefolds are fun
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I'm starting to feel it to. I used them for the nb stage and really loved them, but then ds turned into a heavy wetter and hated the wetness on his skin. I sold all my fitteds that were'nt fleece lined and moved to pockets, which only lasted a few weeks. I moved back to plain fitteds and really like them. I need more dipes though and really want to use prefolds again. I'm ordering a bunch this week. I want to try that new twisty sidewall fold that everyone has been raving about.
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