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ok another NEED HELP FAST post LOL.... parents 30th anniversary!

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Hi everyone, I am in desperate idea needs fast again
. I have been so swamped between craft shows and hospital visits (for me) that I haven't had time to figure out what to do for my parents' 30th anniversary coming up on Monday, April 17th! I have done the photo collages, and other gifts but I want something special ya know... I am gonna cook them a nice dinner and then give them their gift, but I can't think of what to do... here are some facts about them...
1. (as mentioned above) Its my mom & dad and its their 30th wedding anniversary.
2. Dad is 49 (50 on July 4th) and Mom is 46 (bday Dec. 4th)
3. Mom has alot of health problems (diabetes, etc) and can't get out much. Dad isn't in much better shape. Mom stays at home and crochets til her hands go numb and she used to sew but doesn't have a working machine. (I cannot afford to get her one). Dad likes wood working but doesn't really have the time. He is a hunter with strong hunting ethics (don't kill what you won't eat and don't be greedy, etc). Mom likes to listen to her music.

I was gonna make a quilt for them, but I don't really have enough time now. So any other suggestions would be great... Thanks!
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