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OK, ERGO mamas, help me with strap adjustment

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I know it takes time to get comfortable with...and so I have been trying lots of things - mostly the directions she sends but also one mama here puts baby down on bed and then puts carrier on that way?

So.....hubby helped me adjust straps and it really was VERY comfy except for one thing. I feel like baby-age 6 mos. will fall out of the things backwards if he leans his head is heavier and he could just fall back if I stood up too straight or if he arched back. So, I can totally feel my muscles tensing becasue I am nervous about his placement.

IDEAS??? Hubby is not sure about this...he thinks it looks a bit unsecure and how will I get it on by myself he says???
I am a seasoned slinger, so I am hoping it just takes practice?
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Yep, it just takes practice!
I find that it feels more insecure than it really is, and looking in the mirror before we go out helps reassure me. If they're in there right, there's really no way they're going to fall out!

I get dd (9 mos, 19 lbs) in by myself on a regular basis, and I find that it helps, after the straps are on, to sort of jump to adjust her...hard to explain but sort of bounce while you pull the baby into the right spot. Also when you get real comfortable you can reach back and pull the top of the carrier (by baby's shoulders) out so that the baby drops farther down. I hope that makes some sense.

Good luck!! It's so worth it, it's such an awesome carrier.
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IKWYM about thinking he'll fall out if he throws himself backwards! Luke LOVES to throw himself backwards. Luckily, the first time he did it in the Ergo, I was wearing him on my front. He did not fall out at all. Actually, I walked a whole block with him flopped out backwards/upside down. His legs stayed in quite securely. He has never tried it while on my back, but I feel confident that he would not fall out. He is almost 8 months old and has a pretty big head
. I've also found that if I bend over with a baby on the front (generally to buckle baby #2 into a stroller), the baby will almost fall out of the ergo. BUT, not quite fall out. It is safer than it seems!

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I'm new here and new to the ERGO also. I love it so much, though...I have found a way to put it on by myself that is different from the website instructions. I put the ERGO on my back and buckle the chest strap and the waist strap. I then loosen both of those straps. Then I loosen my right arm strap a little bit. I take my arms out of the arm straps and slide the ERGO to the front of my body (chest and waist straps are fastened, but loose). I put my dd in while on the front, carefully swing her around to the back and put my arms in the straps. Then tighten all straps and she's really secure. I don't worry about her falling out at all, especially when I have the arm straps tightened well.
This may not make sense, but I found that practice is all it takes. I practiced taking her off by myself first by swinging her around to the front and then just reversed that to get her on. Good luck!
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The practicing in front of a mirror really helped me. And with a bed near by in case we didn't quite get it. After I get ds in it I grab the straps for the head holder thingee and pull that up and sorta jump up in down to get him really down in it. I keep it pretty tight so there is no way he's going to flop out if it's in the right spot.

I'd say it took a couple of weeks of using it fairly regularly to feel comfortable putting it on without the mirror. Now I just warn people not to touch me while I'm doing it -- ds and I know what we're doing and they'll just throw us off.
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