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OK experts, I'd like to become a better sling'er

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I'm pregnant with my third. I've used a sling for the first two but couldn't use it with either until the had some head control - never did figure out the laying down positions - and never could nurse in it.

I've tried a new native baby carrier and a maya wrap. Couldn't get the hang of the pouch - both kids just sort of puddled in the bottom as newborns and seemed too heavy later on. Switched to the maya wrap; I used it a lot with my first. At 3 1/2 my husband still occassionally carries him. My 19 month old doesn't like it though.

I know there are a million different sling/carriers/wraps. I don't want to buy one of each and I don't know anyone who uses a sling besides me (and I'm 100 miles from the nearest LLL that I know of
). I'd like to try something different from the pouch and ring sling I've had. I've never seen anything else is real life (ring sling - usually otsbh - and baby bjorns). I want to be able to use it with a newborn and wouldn't mind if I could find something my 19 mo would like as well.

I know this is vague; just looking for a place to start . . . Thanks!
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I am a contented ring-slinger, but I know a lady who just had her third and uses a Didymos (sp?). It looks complicated to me, but the baby looks secure and snug, and the mom seems to know what she's doing. In fact, I really never actually saw the baby for the first 4 months, just legs hanging out of the Didymos!

I know you said you don't like pouches, but if you can get an adjustable one, where the baby is carried in the tummy to tummy nice and high and tight, that's what worked for me.

Otherwise, i'd try a Moby. I'm thinking of getting one to use with my 11 week old.
Here are some tips I just posted about a semi reclining nb position.
For a full cradle, you just let the baby lie down in there. A brand new baby a few days old or a sleeping baby doesn't care about seeing out.
Also, the MW site has a new photo gallery with lots of good newborn pics. And here is my favorite tips site. Hth!
It wasn't just that they were too low to look out. The always seemed to fold in the middle and breathe funny (you could hear them). I did check out one of the site and it said the baby should be up above your waist. I think maybe my pouch is too big. They hung down by my hips - not very comfy.

I think I may try one of the fleece pouches - it sounds like the hold them close. Mine always felt too loose, too far away. I'd also like to try something different - maybe one of the wraps or one of the other style carriers. I mean, I did use the maya wrap sling for 3+ years with my oldest, and about a 1 year with my second. Just doesn't seem to work for my second anymore even though he's still sling age -19 months- and weight - 23 lbs.

I'll check out the moby, didymos and all the links. Thanks
When are you due? I recommend the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch if you're due in cold weather. I loved the heck out of that pouch for my December baby, seriously, I had feelings of love for it. I like my babies tight and up close to my chest and that is exactly where she was in it. I never do the cradle because neither of my babies liked it, I just do heart to heart and then they might slide to the side a llittle. I used the KKAFP from birth and it rocked.

I would also suggest a wrap. Traditional babywearing changed my life. I have a high needs baby (she is 6 months now) and being able to wear her on my back in the EllaRoo has given me back my life, plus, it is just so easy to go shopping or do anything that requires your hands with a back carry. The nice thing about the wrap is that you can also do the front carries. As much as I LOVE my KKAFP and my Pea in the Pod if I had to choose one it would be the EllaRoo. You can get good traditional babywearing info here: Mamatoto
I'm not due until end of Oct/beg of Nov; the fleece pouch looks good. It's the one I was really looking at. The fact that it hold that close really interests me. My new native baby carrier never did. I also have realized looking through all these difference types of carriers that there are some where you can carry newborns and infant somewhat vertically. The reason I couldn't get either of mine in a sling until they had head control was they didn't like the cradle position. They like being held upright, even in your arms. You can't really get them upright in a ring sling, the rings are where they want their head to be.

I think I'm going to try the fleece pouch and some kind of wrap. Trying to weigh the advantages/disadvantages of the hub-a-bub, didymos, moby, ellaroo, etc. I'm also thinking about getting one of the hip carriers - like a seat with straps - for my 19 mo.
Sounds like your on the right path. I have a fleece pea in a pod adjustable pouch, and I have not been able to carry Liz in the cradle carry ever. She hates it. So I snap it tight and slip her down in, head up against my chest. There's enough fabric so that it comes just over the base of her neck, and provides head support. You can't do a ton of things wearing a small one like that, but it does allow for more movement than not using a carrier, and you can wear them a lot longer than you can carry them.

I'm also still searching out wrap info. She's 2.5 months now, so she's awake more and interested in the world, but still wants to be close to me. The PIP is more of a "sleeping carrier" for us. I think i'd get a lot more versatility with a wrap.
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