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Ok, I'm sold!

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Being very new to cd's, I was hesitant to try it at night for my nursing-all-night-long dd. I stuffed a FB w/ 2 joey inserts and hoped for the best.

All I can say is WOW, the inserts were soaked but we were dry. I am thrilled! Now I wishing that all the things I have ordered will show up soon. I am trying a bunch of stuff out before I commit and order enough to be doing this full time.

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Yea! Waking up dry is always something to celebrate! (And so is waiting for fluff to get in!
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Yay! Good for you for finding a system you love.
I used to use 2 Joey hemparoos in my FB's but started to feel they weren't soft enough. I then switched to a Joey Hemp and one microterry super doubler (Either Joey Bunz or Motherease) and seems like it's much softer for baby and just as absorbant.
I've since switched to fitteds with a wool soaker for night but still think Fuzzibunz rock!
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