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ok...I'm STUCK in this thing!

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I don't mean I literally can't get's just that sometimes ds only wants to be "worn " to sleep. I have no problems with that, but sometimes I would like to lay him down and nap beside him. Or just go to bed at night! He still nurses to sleep sometimes thank goodness. He is 14 weeks and over 17 lbs so it's best to wear him in a wrap. But the thing is wrapped all over, kwim?! Is there any way to get out of a wrap while laying a sleeping baby down? And keep him asleep!? Thanks!
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While you're waiting for answers to your actual question, could you just lay down for a nap with him sleeping on top of you in the wrap? thinking
Why didn't I think of that? Anyone else on how to actually get him out though?
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It takes some practice, but it can be done. Firstly, though, how do you have him wrapped? From a pocket wrap cross carry, (with the horizontal bar on the outside of the whole thing) it's really hard to get baby out without waking him, but if you were doing a front wrap cross carry, you could unwrap the cross wraps, hold the baby to your body, then gently set him down (bending over yourself, to do this), then loosen the rest of the wrap and escape. You'll end up with the baby napping on top of the wrap, but if you're okay with that, then you're golden.

Getting the sleeping baby off your back, well that takes even more practice, but it can be done.
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