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ok, ive got another one....

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how about the name Cosmo?

it means "order and beauty" or "perfect order", referring to the perfect order and beauty of the universe.
pretty cool.

when ive mentioned the name to friends, a couple of people laughed (thinking about Seinfeld... remember the episode where it comes out that Kramer's first name is Cosmo?) but then they say something like "hey, thats a pretty good name!"

does it make you think of the pink cocktail?

naming people is hard... ive still got a few weeks until the gender ultrasound and we do have a good girl name, but the boys are stumping me this time. its funny, with my son we had tons of boy names and never came up with a girl name. wonder if this one is a girl...
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My association with the name is first Seinfeld, then the magazine (which is odd, because I've never read it!). I don't think of the drink, but then again...I don't drink alcohol at all! I have a slight association with astrology, but it's not a strong one at all.

Would you use the nick name "Cos" (pronounced Coz)? That's kinda cool.

This name has a completely different meaning than Osborn...just wanted to point that out since you really liked the meaning

Now I really want to know your other son's name and the girl name you have picked out!
I know you said you don't put real names online, but you've got me really curious!

I have to say that the association with Cosmo Kraymer is better than the association with Ozzy Osbourne...for me at least
Then again, I'm a fan of Seinfeld!
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yeah seinfeld its what i thought of right away too. cosmo kramer, but he is an awesome character.
if you really love it, i mean it seems there is always atleast one association with a name that is questionable or someone who doesn't like it or whatever......YK?
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First thought was Kramer. But then thought about our flakey waldorf preschool teacher who always said our son was "so cosmic."
Made me think of the pink drink right away, but maybe that's just too many Sex and the City reruns

Then again both Seinfeld and SATC will be old history by the time these LOs are in school. . .their teachers may make those associations but probably not there peers.

I like the name though.
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I agree with Kismetbaby. I was named after Katharine Hepburn, but the reference is so old now it is not what initially pops into peoples heads. But I am sure when she was a big star and commonly in the tabloid it was common for people to say " oh, like....". This will be true of both Ozzy and Cosmo for your LO. By the time it matters, these connections will probably have faded.
I think of the wildflower (cosmos). They are really quite beautiful.
Actually, the first thing that pops into my head is ER - that's what Dr. Lewis named her baby.
All I could think of was Gizmo haaaaaaaaaaaa. i loved that movie.
It didn't make me think of the drink. The first thing that popped into my head is that one of my good friends has a dog named Cosmo and I grew up with someone who had a horse named Cosmo...but then I thought that I like the name for a person too. One of my favorite books ever is Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams and the main character in that is a woman named Cosima, which also means order of the universe.

I agree that the pop culture references tend to fade with time. My son's name is Austin and I was worried that all anyone would think of would be Austin Powers, especially because our last name starts with P. But mostly people seem to just talk about the city, if they mention any association at all.
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