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Ok Ladies! I need a midwife!!

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Help me find a midwife on the Kitsap Penninsula - I am looking for someone who will do homebirths- I want your reviews - good things, bad things, whatever you think will help me choose a midwife!! Thanks so much for your help!!
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where are you in relation to Vashon Island? I have an old friend who is a Washington state LM, CPM -- Shaheeda Pierce she lives and works on the island---- if she is too far she may know someone else closer to you

Ill send a PM with her #
I don't know where that is - so probably not too close - wouldn't mind talking to her though.
Vashon Island is an island off of the Kitsap, King and Pierce Counties. You can get to it by a short ferry ride from all of these counties.

Annette Manant (sp?) is a CNM who has a freestanding birth center at her home in Ollala. She also does homebirths, but not sure if she is still practicing.

Good Luck~

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Talked to the friend on Vashon and she said Carol Gauchy(sp)
I tried to pm you but your mail box is full
Thanks - I cleaned out my box now.

Lisa - Annette is no longer practicing - or so I have heard.

I have a few names - so I just need to get started with making some phone calls.
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