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Hi Mamas!

Ok, I can't stand the cold in the Midwest any more! We are from Memphis and after much research, I've got it down to 4 states for us to consider for relocation (in alphabetical order):


We are looking for:

* a supportive homeschooling community
* ease of homeschooling
* ease of obtaining a religious exemption for vaccines
* a relatively low cost of living
* good access to health food stores, farmers markets, etc. for healthy food
* a good state for midwives and home births
* easy to grow a garden and maybe have a few acres with animals at some point

Which of those would you recommend for us please?

Thank you!

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Homeschooling home birther here in TX :D
Central TX/Austin is also pretty crunchy so there are loads of Farmer's Markets and communities.

Homeschooling in TX is considered a private school so there are no requirements from the state.
Also- we don't have a state tax.

As far as low cost of living: maybe not as much...TX is so popular right now that people from *the west* are jacking up the prices of homes around here.

Our sales tax rate is 8.25%
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