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Ok, ready? I had my Level II ....

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And we're having a healthy baby!!! My OB is so great with U/S, talking to us about each aspect he is checking, why, and why it looks good on the screen. It is utterly amazing to see all those little parts that have been growing and developing in there- isn't biology incredible?!?! (and the technology that lets us peek at it!) So, we have a little person, perfectly formed. We also did find out gender and.... I'm going to be a mommy to another girl! My MW was right. I had an appt w/ her just prior to U/S and she felt my tummy then said she has a strong feeling baby is a girl. How she can tell I don't know, but I guess if you are a MW long enough, you just start knowing.
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Congrats!! I love seeing Baby move; it's just so neat!!
Congratulations on your healthy baby girl!!!

Having that level 2 ultrasound is such a relief, isn't it?
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Congratulations!!! Despite my concerns about u/s safety, we had one a couple of weeks ago, mostly to check cervical integrity. And once you see those little hands and feet moving around, you're just captivated. We even saw our wombling sucking her thumb!
congrats mama!!
Congratulations!! That is so excellent!
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