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OK, so I might try wool...

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So, I need some advice.

Let me say that both my boys have been CD'd from day 1 (well, Mace didn't actually fit into any CDs for about 1 month, but as soon as he was big enough, the sposies went bye bye!), but both are super duper peeing machines and wear sposies at night. Nowadays, we're having to change them at least once a night (Tristen, 2-3 times - yikies!
: ), so I figured, why not go back to cloth at night since we have to change anyway - KWIM? And reading y'alls raves about wool, I think I might try it.

First, are knitted wool covers as "good" as the felted ones? By good, I mean, do they hold in the wetness? Soakers vs. covers vs. shorts? And I know I've read it before, but explain the whole lanolizing process again.

I guess I want to know what is the best kind of wool cover to use for nighttime for both a 5 month old and a 28 month old who pee like nobody's business, who have a mommy who hates wet freakin' sheets & jammies.

TIA for any responses!
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For super duper pee-ers I'd probably go with a thick wool like wool flannel. I mean Celtic Wolf's, SugarPeas wool flannel, etc.

Those reading, what do you think of Stacinator wool for her? I've never tried it. Also Lana's or ... what's that other commercial wool pull on? Aristocrats! lol That's it!

And as for lanolization - everyone has a different technique but I follow this one:

Soaker Care

All soakers should be hand-washed in lukewarm water (using minimal agitation) with Eucalan Woolwash or mild shampoo. Gently squeeze excess water out in a towel and lay flat to dry. Because of wool's amazing properties, soakers really do only need to be washed every 2-3 weeks or when soiled. If yours becomes damp, allow to air dry and it's ready to use again. Every couple of months (or when it just doesn't seem as waterproof as it used to be) re-lanolinize your soaker by putting a dab of lanolin in a jar, adding HOT water, a drop of soap, and shaking to dissolve. This is added to a sink full of warm water. Immerse the soaker for an hour or so (or even over night if you wish). Squeeze out and air dry as usual. Viola! Your soaker is now re-lanolinized.

After discovering natural wool, you will never want to use synthetic covers again!
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Jenn - you're up late in the PNW, too, huh?

I was thinking the Stacinators looked nice. And don't most people swear by Aristocrats?

Or would I be OK making my own? There's some wool jersey fabric on ebay - would 2-layers be good for a nighttime cover? Are there quirks to sewing w/wool?

I obviously am out of my comfort zone here, but I'm willing to learn, and to stop buying those #^@! sposies! LOLOL!
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Yep, up after midnight in the PNW! People do swear by Aristocrats! I've felt one myself and they are thick and have a lot in the "wet zone"! You could probably make your own but you'd want a heavy weight felted wool jersey if you could find it. Two layers is right.
And as for how to sew it I have no clue! I'd ask the Sewing and Crafts board! :LOL
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