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OK, so I'm ready to knit my first soaker. .

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I've been on a wool buying craze of late and figure that I better learn to knit myself before I end up in the poor house! So this week I am going to the local yarn shop to take a lesson. Here are my questions for you expreienced mamas.

How long should it take to knit a large size soaker? I mean, am I looking at a 20 hour project or a 20 month project??

Also, any suggestions on a good pattern for beginners? I'm pretty crafty so I am thinking I should be able to get the hang of things pretty quickly, but don't want to get discouraged with something difficult. I like the look of MM and Baa Baa Bottoms and so I thought I may go with the Fern and Faerie pattern.

I so appreciate any input! TIA. . Can't wait to get started!
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It takes me about a week to make one soaker. My dh makes fund of me because I'm always knitting when we watch tv, but I find tv boring if I'm not doing something else. We don't watch much tv. I haven't timed it, but I'd say it takes me about 8 hours to do one. I know Holy Sheep! customer orders are for 6 hours of knitting, but they're probably faster at it than I am. I do it in small spurts so it would be pretty hard to figure out exactly how long it takes me.

I have the F&F pattern but haven't used it. I started with the LTK pattern. I've also bought the Holy Sheep! pattern. I now do my own hybrid of the LTK and HS soakers. I don't like doing the same thing row after row, and in those terms the LTK is the most fun. I've picked up more ideas for fit from the HS pattern that I've incorporated into the LTK pattern. The F&F pattern is probably the most straightforward of them all. I don't like the looks of their soakers, but since you do, I'd say it's a perfect pattern to start on.

The biggest factor I've found when it comes to speed is your gauge. I was using size 6 needles and getting about 6 stitches per inche. I changed to size 7 on the last soaker and boy did it knit up fast! I get about 5.5 stitches per inch with a size 7. I think HS gauge is 5 stitches per inch so that would go even faster, though the yarn I use may is a lighter worsted yarn so I would have to find a bit heavier yarn to be happy with the results. I just use yarn from my local yarn shop.

Happy knitting!
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Thanks so much for the info!! I'm not much into TV either, so I'm likely to do the same. I'll check out the HS and LTK patterns as well. Thanks for the tips on the guage, I hadn't thought about that. Just glad to know that it's something that I may be able to do it not THAT much time. . I'll be sure to post pics when I actually have something completed.
Jodie~ They don't really take too long. If you haven't done one before I would count on about a week to finish.
The F&F pattern is much "easier" than the LTK one imo. The LTK one has some "fancy" things that can be difficult if you are just starting out. However, don't let that intimidate you... my first project was the LTK Longies and they turned out pretty well! You have a definate advantage having a yarn shop where you can get help... I would be lost w/o my LYS!

Have fun!!
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Julie- Thanks for the encouragement! I think that I'm going to try the FF pattern first for sure. I go for my lesson next Thursday evening, so this weekend I'm going to pick up some yarn. I think I'm going to do something in red white and blue and hope to finish it by the holiday! Thanks again everyone!
I've made 4 soakers (including one pair of soaker shorts) in about 3 months, so it takes me about 3 weeks to finish one. I do work full time though, and maybe have an hour at most in the evening to knit, maybe more on some weekends, maybe less. I think it probably takes me about 10-12 hours to finish a large size soaker, but I do know that I'm getting faster and faster. I also like to dye yarn, and that takes time as well.

If you decide to get the F&F pattern, email me if you want an excel spreadsheet that will do the necessary calculations for you-- doing them by hand is a pita.

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