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I live in Tallahassee, but won't be joining the "mommy" set until November!
That being said, I have seen TONS of moms with slings in town. In fact, I am from Orlando and moved here two years ago from Atlanta, and had never seen a sling until I saw three moms in a row (who were not together) walking with them around Lake Ella. I also see moms with slings at New Leaf Market (albeit a very crunchy little co-op). There's a "Mommy and Me" play/song/dance group at the WeMoon Spirit center -- I think they meet on Tuesday mornings ( And there's a yahoo group of women who do cloth diapering (and use slings, and child-led weaning) at The breastfeeding support group, La Leche League, that meets at the Progressive Center on South Gadsden is run by a really friendly and knowledeable woman who has a bunch of contacts in town.

Most of my contacts, and the people who've been super friendly when I just walk up to them to chat, are REALLY crunchy -- I haven't really ventured much into the more mainstream parenting circles. I hope you find some fun moms and kids to hang out with -- that can make all the difference in a new town!
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