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I know what you mean about clickiness. We live in Tallahassee but my children are older. My youngest is 7. We are moving in about a month to South Orlando area. I'm hoping I can find like-minded momma's as well.
I know there are groups that meet up at Wintrhop park during school sessions. I'm not sure about the summer. A lot of homeschooling moms with itty bitty munchkins too. I know a lot of friendships are derived from the churches here. I'd tried, I'm just a young mom and most were older having with children under 5.
Just try the parks (Winthrop, Optimist & Brown) and I'm certain, you will find like-minded mommies. Again, I'm not certain how it is in the summer months. It's so hot outside right now to go to the park. (97 degrees yesterday)

BTW, you and your son are beautiful.

I wish you well!
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