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I posted a couple days ago about my dog having a hot spot. Today I bought some shampoo with tea tree oil in it that is formulated for hotspots. I lathered him up and then somehow brought myself to rub the shampoo into that nasty crusty thing.<br>
i did it...and let it soak, meanwhile my English Shepherd pup was making a game out of chasing the hose spray...gotta love those herding breeds. LOL! He was so funny, he distracted me from the grossness.<br><br>
Anyway....after a few minutes I hosed the dog off, and aimed the spray at the spot...he liked that a lot. Then I looked at it and noticed some of the crusty ickiness had come I put more shampoo on ....and went inside to get an old rag, and scissors.<br><br>
And yes, i used the rag to rub off the gross stuff, and used the scissors to cut away some of it, and then sprayed some more...<br><br>
After doing that a bunch of times, it was all off, and the hot spot looks clean and healthy and good! it was a great disgusting success...
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