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OK - who's already thinking about names?!

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'Cause I know I CAN'T be the only one!

With Spencer, we didn't know the sex until he was born. I still like the 2nd boy name we had picked out - Kyle, and we'd probably use Matthew as the middle name (my deceased brother's name).

We had Hannah and Cecelia picked out for a girl (middle name Ellen), but lately we've both been liking Bethany. Although I'm not sure it passes the President Test, I do like it.

Another name we both really like is Fiona, but we have a very very german last name, and I'm not sure it sounds OK.
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We totally are because we used our 2 favorite names for our first 2. It'll come to us. Sebastian has come up, as well as some others that I can't remember
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we for sure are already thinking about names. For a girl this is just one name we like,Rivkah Jade. Or for a boy we like, Nathaniel Zeke.
I was pretty sure my girl's name was set in stone, but having it panned on a mainstream site totally cemented it in my mind that it's her NAME and I don't care what anyone thinks about it.

I have a list of boy's names that I like, but I don't feel as strongly about any of them. Mostly they are things I had always wanted to name a boy if I had one when I grew up that I totally forgot about when my first son was born.

Neil (after Neil Young)
Vincent (after Van Gogh)
Dweezil (because I love the way it sounds and I really don't care for the name "Frank" even though I love Zappa's music)

All of my boys' names are open to discussion and suggestions so you do not have to worry about hurting my feelings. I like unusual names and revivals of classic names and for boys I prefer unisex to what has been described elswhere as "Penys McTestosterone" names.
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I really like Eleanor Grace, Nora for short. And DH likes Anderson Scott (his mother's maiden name and his middle name.. also my dad's name). I call my hubby Andy though, so I don't know abou tAnderson, b/c it has no short version besides Andy and I don't want 2 Andy;s in the house. We shall see???
Was thinking about names before we conceived
Was a long time between babies! LOL

I find it much easier to settle on a boys name than a girls, same as last time. For a boy I like Dean, Damian or Elliot. Girls, my short list is fairly long. I dare say my SO will pare it down quite a lot and then we'll create the combination from what's left. He put my DD's name together from the list and it was a combination I hadn't considered and it was perfect
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we have no boy name...I assume b/c we are having a girl

and for a girl Abbie

we don't have a middle name for her yet

our firsts name is Jack

so they will be Jack and Abbie

Sounds good to me
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My dd has been having a blast trying to come up with names! At this point I have thought about it but really have no idea. Our last baby wasn't named until day 2, we really wanted to see him and then decide on the name.
NOS-- there's a "god" in the game that I play called Kai.
He's a favorite of warriors, all about triumphing in battle and such.

I'm thinking about names, because a) it took us ages to agree on a name for BeanBean and b) we used our favorite girl's names for BooBah and Bella.

If it's a girl, we'll probably incorporate the name of Mike's aunt who passed away on the day Bella was born. If the baby is a boy born with flaming red curls, I might still be able to talk Mike into Meriadoc as a middle name. I'm hoping. The trouble is, Mike likes the most boring names (it doesn't phase him that something like 30% of men his age are also named "Mike"
) and those irritate me. He's agreed that each child should have a Hebrew name and an English name, but he considers the Hebrew names to be "interesting" so the English names should be "boring." We've agreed on semi-interesting English names which are, for the most part, at the edges of both of our tolerances.

I haven't asked Mike about names yet, though. I doubt he's given the matter any thought.
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Alexander Francis if it's a boy, Moira Emilie if it's a girl. We had the girl's name picked from our first and we chose the boy's name not too long after our son was born - both of the middle names are the first names of my paternal grandparents, and Emily is my own middle name that has been passed down a few generations on my mom's side but I'm using the French spelling since that was how my Nana's name was spelled.
We're both thinking this little one is a girl, Ruby James. If its a boy we'll probably still use James as a middle name but no idea on a first name yet. If by chance its twin girls they'll be Veda Irie and Kaya Rahne.
We already picked our names out: Charlotte Jane for a girl and Rory James for a boy.
We are thinking about using Oliver for a middle name if it's a boy in honor of dh's deceased stepfather. Also, it sounds good with the last name.

But that's as far as we've gotten.
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Definitely Seth for a boy and middle name Marie for a girl, but we haven't gotten any farther than that!

I love Carlton (my dad, brother, and grandfather's name) and my hubby like Charlie or Guy after his great-grandfather. And we're both favoring Violet for a girl, my grandmother's name. I think I'd call her "V".

We'll see. I've been picking up girl vibes one minute and boy vibes the next!
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Marilyn Amelia is our pick for a girl. Not sure about boy's yet
We have a boy name picked, but we both have a strong feeling that this is a girl... and there we are finding some things to disagree. I'm leaning towards multisyllabic, romantic names. Or maybe a character in a book that is admirable.

He just stares at me in horror that I would inflict a nerd name on the child of two nerds, thus sealing her fate forever. I figure we can't fight destiny, so why not call her Eowyn?
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If it's a boy- William Andrew and if it's a girl- Neva Bell
Jenn, I love the name Moira but in Australia it has an unwelcome association with infomercials that my partner wouldn't be able to overcome and I'm not sure if the child could either!! But glad to see it on someone else's list
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ok, i hadn't thought about names at all until i read this and was reminded that Violet was D's grandma's name. Well, May is my Grandma's middle name soo... maybe Violet Mae (if it's another girl, who knows about boys names)
We had Milo Lincoln picked out as our boy name for #1. I still like it, but everyone else seems to hate it, so we're reconsidering. Other boy names on the list:


Girl names:


I'd like to use Vera as a middle name for a girl if possible (it was my grandmother's name).
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