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Okanagan (Kelowna) mamas...coming for vacation...

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Hi everyone! We're coming up to Kelowna, leaving this Friday on vacation. I was there 3 years ago and felt like I didn't get to actually do a whole lot (7 months pregnant at the time). Which wineries are you have a favorite wine? Where do I get good espresso??? How about the farmer's market on it worth going? I'd love to get out and see the Okanagan Lavender Farm....anyone been there or Quailsgate Winery? How bout the Old McDonald Farm? I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 10 month old, so we need some family-oriented activities as well as some couples activities (cuz both sets of grandparents are gonna be there as well....yayyy!) I know there's a bunch of you here, so speak out!!

Lisa...Washington state

PS....this is a long, long shot...but is there anyone in the area that sells Soft Star shoes, particularly the boots???
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Well, I don't live in Kelowna, but I'm close enough. My family lives there. Let's see.

Old Mac's farm rocks when you're 2! There's a train, and peacocks, and slides and playgrounds and, and, and...
Um, it was our big treat when we were kids...

Which wineries are you have a favorite wine? Where do I get good espresso???
I don't really know the Kelowna wineries very well, maybe someone who lives there can help. Further down the valley, there are some lovely wines. We drink more Mission Hill than I would really like to admit around here. I really have no clue who is doing tours, what with the fires. It sort of threw everyone for a loop this summer.
Ad far as the espresso, try Bean Scene right downtown on Bernard. Better yet, forget the espresso, and go for a beanacchino. It's like a frappuchino only, you know, good.

I don't know about the Soft Star shoes. Robeez are about 1/2 the price in Canada that they are in the US.

Go to the farmer's market. Buy alpaca wool socks. Buy every pair she has. Then buy her vegetables. She's nice. I may be biased. If you can make the Saturday one, this weekend is the harvest festival.
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My favourite winery... definitely Summerhill!! Go for a tour and taste test
It is pyramid aged, they will explain it to you on the tour but it is very cool. I think some is organic too, I can't remember.
I have only went to the farmers market once on a Saturday and it was awesome. I bought lots of vegetables and fruit.
In lots of stores, restaurants, actually everywhere :LOL you will find a free little map book with a list of activities. Definitely pick one up, it will give you some ideas of things to do.

I have only lived there for 4 months and am temporarily out east and very much missing Kelowna. I'll let you know if I think of anything else. Have a great trip
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Awww, thanks guys! I'll definitely be checking out Summerhill. I read about it on some other Kelowna threads here on Mothering and it sounds very interesting.

We're here now.....haven't got to get out much, cept lunch...which we ate at Joey Tomato's.....cute place. Hubby had some kind of ginger beef wok dish that was excellent! If any other Kelowna/OV mamas wanna weigh in on their favorite places...I'd be most grateful..!??


PS...Still looking for Soft Star boots here in Canada....AND Robeez. Who carries Robeez in Kelowna??
Elaphant Island winery in Naramata is awesome for kids to visit. They have pint sized outdoor furniture and a big box of toys plus cool tattoos...The fruit wines are really yummy too!! The lavender farm is in Naramata's one of my favorite places!

Have fun!
I have never heard of Soft Star boots but I know there is a place on Vancouver Island that sells Robeez. Not sure if you are heading down there but they do ship to the US and seem to have a fairly big selection (I was just looking at their catalogue) They are at and there should be a US link.

Hope that helps and I hope you had a great vacation
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Thanks Kelowna mamas, for all your recommendations. We're back home now.....but here's a little list of what we were able to see/do:

Summerhill Winery....pretty cool...but no drummers
Fantastic ice wine

the Bean Scene.....Mmmm, good coffee and yummy pumpkin pie. I had them put my pie in a to-go box...but I ate it right there, waiting for my coffee!! Very friendly wait staff.

Yellow Brick Road and Scallywags....both of these stores carry Robeez. Nice selection and Scallywags has a great little "fort" play area w/toys for kids while you shop. Only drawback....getting kids to leave without weeping and gnashing of teeth. I picked up the elusive "plum butterfly" Robeez here. This is also connected to the Marmalade Cat cafe....very homey.

Kelowna Community Festival....walking back from church services one afternoon....we got to spend some time amongst the people of Kelowna and heard some very powerful accounts of the fire and the community togetherness it has inspired. Bravo to all the men & women who saved so many homes.

The only down part about our vacation was my inlaws home rental. Please read about it in "KELOWNA VACATION GOER'S-DO NOT RENT THIS HOME" Our little family stayed at Discovery Bay and were quite pleased with our accomodations.

We love Kelowna and will be back soon.....

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Glad you had a good time! It sucks about the house though.
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