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Okay, here are the me troubleshoot!

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Well, I'm clueless as to how to add pics. Here's a link where you should be able to view them:

#1 How a sposie looks just after it's put on (sorry it's blurry, but you can see the gap at the waist)

#2 A Gerber "up to 12 lbs" wrap over the bikini-twist-folded prefold. Look how huge it is on her!

#3 An attempt at the bikini twist fold. This is the tightest I could get it, and I had to take out the fold in the front to do it.

#4 How a sposie looks after about 2 hours -- Why is it falling off? Is it too small? Too big? It's a Luvs brand, btw, and we won't be buying that again.

So, if a smaller prefold will help, I did order some preemie ubcpfs ($7 for a dozen, new, at All Together Diapers. They were seconds
). They should be here mid next week. I'll probably get 2-3 each of AIOs and fitteds just b/c I'm desperate, unless y'all can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.
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Well, I didn't start cloth with ds until he was almost a year old, so I can't help with that, but we always used pampers or huggies and never had one look like that one does at the waist. The ones we used were really stretchy and formfitting. We used the newborn size that had the cutout for the umbilical cord.

However, I do plan on using cloth with my next baby from birth, but will do fitteds (like kissaluvs size 0) since I am prefold impaired. If I were you I would order some fitteds, and buy a different brand of disposables in the meantime to see if that helps.
I would order about a dozen preemie prefolds, and a few newborn bummis wraps.
Pic #1. Can you pull up teh diaper higher on her hips and wrap the sides around under before you tape it down? Not sure if you do that yet. Also what size is the diaper?

Pic #2 and #3 What size prefold is it? I can't tell and it has been awhile since I diapered. Your fold looks fine. Prefold should be folded down at the front and or back though which would help some. I never used the bikini fold much as it seemed to pinch poor son's begonias. I would fold down the back about 1-2 in and lay him on it. Then I would fold both sides to the middle and bring between the legs and pull up snug. Then open the top portion some and fold down however much was needed and pull really tight to pin as it will loosen some after you have finished pinning since you have your hand between the dipe and baby. For using a cover you can lay it in there. Just fold the top or back down to the length of the cover.

HTHs some. I really don't have experiance with any of teh disposables that have been out since 1994 since I cloth diapered then.
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looks like to me you need to do them both tighter. Looks like you are not getting them tight enough... pull those bad boys in and then pin (they will lossen up) and you can do the same thign with the sposies. Maybe you should also try a snappi ...
Ok,Here I go! I am definatly NOT an expert, in fact I quit CDing for awhile bc my mom bought me 4 doz gerber dipes which i do not like and since I had dipes and no $, I could not justify spending $. Then I found ebay

Sorry, off topic! Although my babe was 8.8lbs, the first few weeks were still hard in anything. my favorite ended up being the kissaluvs O, which, sorry, I just sold on ebay. The Lukes Drawers Hugs contour were nice too, but I like things that self-close.

I bought a newborn sampler at natural (not Spam, just really pleased w/ the product). I received all the above plus 1 preemie dipe, 1 infant 4x6x4, 1 infant 4x8x4, a prowrap classic cover, a Bummies cover, and a prowrap AIO. It was nice because I found what I liked. I'd suggest this bc all babes fit differently, and what works for mine may not work for you.
Final bit of advice, is invest in some snappis! They are so much easier to get a tight fit then pins!

PS - as I used 'sposies on my DD during this time too, I can say I loved Pampers swaddlers, but again, some babes don't fit 'em well

PPs, Gerber dipes imo don't fit over dippes very well. remember, jmho!
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OK, I just read your previous thread to put this in context!

First, deep breath... diapering a newborn is HARD! and you're exhausted. Hey, if you're keeping the pees and poops off the floor and yourself, you're doing a good job!

That sposie looks weird - almost too small? Dd was a preemie and we used sposies on her for a month in the hospital and another 3-4 weeks after we came home. You might need a bigger size? Or another brand - I liked Pampers swaddlers, they were soft and stretchy.

Your prefold looks fine, except it could be tighter and folded down the front a couple of inches to fit inthe wrap better. I find it so much easier to get a tight fit with a snappi rather than pins.

I used infant cpfs with both babies, dd starting at about 7 lbs, and if I were to do it again I'd get fitteds from the start. They're easier at the beginning, especially if you're a new mom, and hold bf poops much better.

Good luck! It will get easier!
Have you tried a Snappi? With a little practice, you can get the diaper nice and snug -- moreso than with the CPFs. What size was the disposable? I would pull it all the way up, wrap one wing tightly around her waist, and then use the velcro strip at the top, pulled snuggly. (Looks like you have it down a little low.)

I really think Kissaluvs size 0 or another newborn diaper would help too.

From the pic of sposies, it looks that you need to pull up the diapers higher. I think you put too much on the back. When I used sposie on my son, I used to level the front and back. Before he was 13 Lbs (2-mo old), the two tabs of size 1 can still meet in the middle when putting on. But from your pic, those two tabs are well apart. So I think you put them too loose.

As for the prefolds, besides trying smaller prefolds, snappi maybe another solution. Prefolds will get snugly fit with snappi.

Hope this helps.
I just wanted to give you a thumbs up
for mastering pinning. I still can't do it!

I think if you fold down the back of the prefold before twisting you'll fare a lot better. My DD was ten pounds before I could do it without folding.

Good luck!
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hey hon...babies won't break, you can put that disposie on tighter.
i remember my dh was always afraid of hurting our first dd's tummy so he'd always put the diapers on VERY loose.

for the cpf's, i would try a snappi. do you have any of those? if you do decide to try a fitted or two i recommend either kissaluvs 0 or newborn nanipoos. both fit GREAT on little babies and have umbilical cord notches.
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I agree, you definately need to fold the excess diaper in the front down. Have you been to This is where I learned to fold diapers.

Also I have 4 snappis - if you PM me your addy, I will send you one.

I personally can't pin very well - but I am trying to learn. Pinning was something I didn't even think about till DD was about 6 weeks old. I was way to exhausted and nervouse to give it a try before then.
New babies are ALL diaper no baby LOL It looks normal to me (though the suggestion for smaller prefolds would be worth looking into if you get them *fast*)
A tiny bum!! How exciting. I just wanted to say that in the first few weeks, nothing seems to fit right.. the baby has no rear or legs.. but always seem to have plenty of belly.. it's pretty hard to make a diaper fit that AND still fit as the baby grows and becomes more porportional... so just stick to it, and in no time everything will sort of fall into place. As for the disposable.. they just do that. Even now, when I put a disposable on my 21 month old girl, when I first put it on, I still have a moment of "wow.. these diapers fit so great!"... and i have a fleeting moment of wanting to go buy a big package *L*.. but 20 minutes later, it's all squished up in the crotch area, sagging in the butt, the tabs find some way to cut into her, and it's all saggy in the front and just looks like she's been wearing it for days. It's just the way they are.. they are so thin and have nothing substantial to help it keep it's shape. You coudl probably put it on a little tighter, and pampers do give a better fit. The one thing I hate about luvs and other cheaper brands is that the tabs on them can be very sharp and sort of "paper cut" little thighs if they aren't fastened JUST RIGHT. The prefold looks really good to me. My husband STILL cannot put a prefold on that well. The only thing you might wnat to do differently is fold down in the back. The only fold that really worked well for us has been folding down in the back, put diaper under baby, fold sides in, pull up between legs.. fan front out a little.. and then snappi or pin. When I pin, I NEVER pull the sides around to the front.. I can't get it tight enough.. what I do is pin it like a side snap/aplix fitted by bringing the sides around, then the front pael goes OVER the sides and I pin.. I don't know of anyone else that does this, but it really does give a good fit.. give it a try. But most of the time, I prefer a snappi. We liked gerber covers on a newborn.. it'll fit much better once you fold down the prefold a coupel of inches in the back. I don't know if premie prefolds will be enough .. you might have to use two each time. The prefolds I loved the best for a newborn were the infant 4x6x4 instead of the standard 4x8x4. If/when we have another baby, I'll only be buying the 4x6x4.. probably a dozen to go along with the half dozen 4x8x4 infant prefolds we still have. All in all, i think that everything you've done looks like you're doing a great job. I know at this age, you like ot keep the baby bundled up nice and warm, so a cover seems pretty necessary. We had this idea in our heads that you ALWAYS had to put a cover over a diaper. Now, I can honestly say that we will probably have more fitteds and not bother to use a cover around the house. A fitted will keep the poos in (usually) and you will become more aware of when the baby wets and change more often... it's also easier to change... one less step. Of course, we use to be afraid of getting pee on, it doens't bother me.. no big deal. It's also more comfortable for baby without a cover.. a cover just adds more bulk, more heat, and more ways a diaper can cut into tender skin. It's just a sugesstion, but maybe take a day and go coverless and see how you like it. I don't know about you, but we had like 20 receiving blankets and she was always bundled in one, so if one got a little damp or got poo on it.. no big deal.. I just tossed it in the pail with the diapers. If you want to try an AIO, the BEST AIO out there, in my opinion, is a chumbas super trim. I think she might have some smalls in stock right now if you wan to give it a go. They have gentle elastic, good absorbency, and there's no extra bulk from a cover. I hear happy heineys are good too. But, don't stress.. you're doing a great job. Just keep using coth when the day is going well, and use disposables when you get frustrated.. it'll all fall into place. We used disposables quite a bit during the newborn stage, and I don't regret it. Take care of you and that little one!

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Originally posted by Aherne
New babies are ALL diaper no baby LOL It looks normal to me
my thought exactly! LOL I was looking at the pictures thinking, I have diapered three babies now and they look okay to me! LOL a little tighter on the sposie, and the CPF could use a snappi, I can't figure out how to get pins tight enough specially on a no hip'd newborn. Honestly though you look like your doing fine to me! ~

ETA- the sposies do look a bit small, like they are low in rise but if I remember sposies right they kinda are like that, however when they got that low on my kids I sized up! ~
I can't help with the CD newborn thing b/c I haven't been there yet! We started CDing at about 4 months. But about the sposies, pampers swaddlers are the NICEST sposies out there! They are SO soft and stretchy. I actually have some a friend gave me (leftovers from her baby) and I can send you a couple if you want to try. Someone earlier said that it looks like it's too small, but to me, yours is definitely too big. There's a lot more "tabs" in the back and bulk in the middle. and it also needs to be pulled up in the back more. Are you having blowouts in the back? It happens easily if the dipe is not tight enough or high enough in the back.

Wow, diapering a newborn shouldnt' be so hard!
I would LOVE to invest in kissaluvs for the upcoming babe, but I'm encouraged by my CDing friend IRL who only used sposies for a few weeks and just LOVES her prefolds and proraps--less poopie leaks and super easy!

Good luck!
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OMG what a teeny little baby!!!
I don't really have anything to add, but looking at those skinny newborn baby legs and pot belly *almost* gives me baby lust... almost.

I think the prefolds look good... but smaller ones would probably be better.

Enjoy that wee one!
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All I can say is.............. WOW!!!
You did a ***SUPER***DUPER***AWESOME*** job on that bilini teist!!! I ***STILL*** can't get it looking THAT good! :LOL

I agree w/ whoever said... just go coverless!

OR find a cozy soft pull on cover for going over that AWESOME Bikini twist job!!!
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Just popped in to say that you did an awesome job on that bikini twist! Could you come over and teach DH?
The hospital here uses cloth, and just lets the babies go without covers for the most part. As one nurse put it"no matter what we do, poop will get on everything. A cover is just one more thing to wash"
Oh, and those weensy little baby legs are giving me baby fever bad!
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