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Okay, how to I make butter from the cream in raw milk?

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Okay, I am skimming the cream off the top of the milk and putting it into glass container and was wondering how I make butter from it. Do I add salt and some sugar and basically churn it (use a blender instead) or what? TIA!
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I just put the cream in a mixer, mix, sample freely as it passes the whipped cream stage, and then put it in a jar. I never remember to salt, but you can in the beginning. You'll end up with buttermilk as well. Some people also rinse the butter so that it will keep longer. I just throw it in a mason jar. And sample freely at the whipped cream stage. It's amazing we ever have butter around here. :msichief
Thanks for the the reply...I know what I will be doing tomorrow, makin' butter and baking some fresh bread to go with it!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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