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Okay, I know that Frontline isn't very

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NFL or earth friendly, but Fleas are a HUGE problem here in Texas. Just awful.

Sooo, I found a place online that I got six months of Frontline Plus for about 53 dollars including shipping.

I am amazed. And very thankful. My poor older dog is just suffering because I couldn't afford 80 bucks... I can do 50.

But also, remember this is an Australian site, so some things, i.e. heartworm meds are available without an Rx. I haven't tested my older dog, so I'm not going to purchase them because I'm afraid she may have them... although, she's not showing any symptoms... still, you never know.
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Thanks for sharing!
Same here. Ours gets really pet flea dermatitis and I can really only keep them off if he gets the Frontline Top Spot stuff.
I still make him gravy with ground flax seed, oil, oysters (zinc) and stuff to help with his skin but without the pesticide stuff it wouldn't really work. I usually get it from BudgetPetMeds. Same price as your Australian site.
I use shampoo from Pet Aromatics and it has essential oils in it that supposedly help to repel ticks. We also have a freshening spray that does that too.
Maybe that would help in addition to any other precautions you take?
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