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Okay, so how much weight have you gained?

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I haven't looked at the scale since my second midwife appointment at almost 19 weeks, and I'd gained 8 pounds I'm just sure I've added on another 5...I'll check later...
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Uhmmm... looks like about 15 pounds at 21 weeks? Egads, I feel like a heifer!
6lb on top of my pre-pg (but I lost 7 and gained that back AND the 6) but that's on the low side. Need to look at my diet and modify it some... I don't think I'm getting enough protien.
At my last appt it was 6lbs. I go back on Friday for my next appt I'm almost scared because I've pretty much eaten whatever I've wanted for the last month. But I don't feel like I've gained too much.

**Well, I've gained a total of 16lbs! Eek! Guess I really do need to start back to watching what I eat, lol.
Whew! Just weighed myself today at my mw appt...and I've gained 20 lbs in 22 weeks! The crazy thing is...I don't know where it's all going! Really! My DH says I wear the weight well (is he just being sweet?) and I'm wearing mostly regular clothes, just breaking into the maternity sets this week. So am I just super hydrated or what?
I'm ok with it, cause I feel good about myself, and I'm loving my belly, so it's all good. But a little mystifying...
yipes, 14 lbs in 19 weeks. I was going to post about it today, actually, because I put 9 of them on LAST MONTH. I know it's because of my crazy sugar habit and Dairy Queen runs, coupled with the fact that DD is weaning and down to nursing once a day...can't eat like I used to!
The diet fairy is headed this way...we're jacking up the protein and attempting to eliminate sugar and refined carbs, hopefully that will keep me from gaining much this month. Also I need to get out walking/running more. It's nice out now, it's just the last couple of months have been hectic.
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I've gained about 20 and I'm 22 weeks. This is just how my body does pregnant. I know I can lose it when the baby comes. I *am* trying not to gain as much as I did with DS#1 by snacking instead of gorging myself. I get hungry though!
at my 20 week appointment i had gained 10#
12 lbs @ 23 weeks. I have done much worse and a little better -- this falls in the eeeek-but-still-acceptable range.
I had gained 8 lbs. at my 22 wk appt. I am gaining at the same rate I did with my last pregnancy only, I started off a lot heavier this time.
Hard for me to tell since I had gained a little weight before pregnancy due to the hormone injections from invetro AND I switched scales since one broke (not from me, hahahaha) around 10 weeks. But at 22 weeks I am 114lbs which is 14 lbs more than my 100lb weight prior to drugs and pregnancy, provided I would have even weighed 100 on this scale...I am guessing about 12 lbs of that is pregnancy weight. But I feel just right so I am not worried.
Eek, I was going to wait 2 days until 22 weeks, but I just checked...14 pounds! I'm sure that bag of jellybeans didn't help. And it's our anniversary next week...once a year we order a small cake from the place that made our wedding cakes...that'll be a few extra pounds right there!!

- Krista
I had gained about 15 lbs at my 19 week appt. I will probably gain around 40 lbs total.
about 15 pounds at 21 weeks and most of that is in the last 2 months, I seem to be going up 2 pounds a week not doing anything different then before. Oh well I am eating healthy and as long as I get a healthy baby I will be happy

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13lbs at 19 weeks, I'll have an update to this since my 23w appt is Thurs.


ETA: as of 23w 1d, I've gained a total of 16lbs. Not bad!
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I've gained 6 lbs at 20 weeks, and I am a little worried about that being too much! I started out heavy, though, so that makes a big difference. I'd like to keep my weight gain to 15-20 lbs total.
17 lbs at 22 weeks. Happy with this as last time I gained 68 pounds in all and alot was at the start. funny thing is I exercised way more the 1st time around I ate better too.
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