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Okay, this is getting ridiculous...

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HOW am I having 1st tri problems and 3rd tri problems AT THE SAME TIME?

Aren't I supposed to be a glowing happy second tri mama?

I'm still puking, just about daily and sometimes twice. Went away for a bit and now it's back, with a vengenance. I am NOT eating well because the good, high protein foods are soooo unappealing - DH made me a nice grilled chicken breast a few nights ago, and I couldn't choke down a bite of it.

Now, today, my pelvis feels like it's going to split open - the feeling you get around the end of pregnancy when the baby's dropped. I think I picked DS up wrong which is causing it, but it's not comfortable, and it's making me cranky.

Sorry for the vent, carry on!
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Oh man, I had that soo bad with my last pregnancy!! I'm already having lower back pain, like relaxin is already relaxing my joints too much. I'm sorry you're having the pelvis pain, I hate it!
be very careful with the crotch pain. i had SEVERE crotch pain from month 3 onward with DS. it got to be a huge problem so here are some tips to manage it a bit:
1. do NOT cross your legs
2. if you accidentally cross your legs (you will), physically pick up your leg with your hands to put them back uncrossed.
3. when you sleep, keep a pillow between your legs, even if you're on your back.
4. if you can, find a maternity girdle that will hug your hips and keep your pelvic bones together
5. if you're lying down and want to switch positions, move your legs TOGETHER - never separately.
6. once you're actually giving birth, tell them that you potentially have a separated pubis symphysis (you might actually have this by then, you might not, but it's worth it to save yourself the pain) and DO NOT let your knees pull back pas your hips. it will stretch your pelvic bones even more and could do some serious damage.

take it from me. i did none of those things until it was too late. i'm getting the pelvic pain again though it's not as bad. i hope yours doesn't get as bad as mine did!!!
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