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Okay... what about this OK diaper party??

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Anyone?? Are we going to do this?? IF so, when???
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Where are you doing it, I'm not far from OK?
I'm in Tulsa, with a truck that has no AC, so I can't get too far.
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I think we're waiting for me to have my baby. **Please**

I was willing to drive up to Oklahoma from Dallas, but only if we have it after my baby is here (and preferably a few weeks old!).

And there was some other Dallas mamas willing to come up

I vote for OKC fwiw. And September? When it's not so stinkin nasty hot??

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That's a long ways off.
Guess we could have a mini one now?? :LOL Can we say "Needs a life??" I'm fine seeing a new baby, though. That's always fun.
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Okay okay, you guys can have one now, as long as you promise a repeat for me in September

This can be your practice one...
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HEY - I'd come to your diaper party

You know where I live !
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Where are you located JoAida?
I'm in North Texas and was wanting to car pool (cheaper!!)
LMK y'all!
Yes, Amie, I know where you live.... at least the area. :LOL And Jenny is close, too, in Tulsa. I'd invite you all up here, but I have an ugly house.
: Anyway... Date? ANyone?? I need to get out of my house!!!
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Wellll..we could do it at my house. I'm out in Broken Arrow. I'll provide the house and refreshments if y'all bring the entertainment. LOL

For those of you in's 4 hours from here.

I bet I could get Stacy of to come too. She is in McAlister and knows right where the house of hemp is. LOL
Oooh... so could we do this soon? :LOL I'd love to meet Stacy... well, all of you, for that matter. Where is Aherne??
Sure...I'm game for soon. Any day is good for long as it's after 10 AM.

I know there are some OKC Mamas who might make the drive up here too. Jess at might.
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LOL It's an hour drive for me, so no way I'd show up before 10. No worries there. :LOL
Any day but Wed. is good for me.
Tulsa is only 1-1.5 miles from me....hmmm..... when and where?
Right now we're talking about Broken Arrow.
But later on, I think we're wanting to do another in OKC/Norman area.... Norman I think.
Not sure when yet. It's Amie's house, so hopefully she'll give us a date....
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I am willing to host one in Norman if you guys want to in September? Or whenever really. Aherne can drive with me to the Tulsa area.
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Forgive my ignorance, but I missed the previous postings about a diaper party...what exactly is a diaper party
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