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Okay--who ELSE takes their baby out in nothing but a diaper?

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It has been in the mid-70s and higher around here . . . and when we are at home, DD is ALWAYS in nothing but a diaper (she is a perpetual fountain of spit-up, so it is just easier to mop up her chest and belly than to constantly change spit-up-soaked outfits). Lately it has been so warm that I have been taking her out in nothing but a diaper as well . . .

. . . and I've been getting comments! Today I walked into a drugstore to print up a baby photo for DH's grandmother, and this elderly lady came right up to me to admire DD--which I don't mind at all. But then she starts telling me how "dangerous" it is to take her out without a hat and full clothing on, because "they catch cold so easily."

I can't be the only one who takes out a naked baby in the summer . . .
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I take little z out in only his diaper...alll the time. He looks so cute in the sling cuz it looks like he isn't wearing anything! And he doesn't wear a hat...and I've never put sunscreen on him...and he's never been burnt. And he has a tan!!! And the only way you can tell he is tanned is the wrinkles/folds on his ankles are white when you stretch his feet out!!
: ....catch a cold from being naked outside....

My kids a perpetually naked 24/7 and I
showing off my homemade dipes. People give me weird looks as it is know, carrying my baby and all...
So in answer to your question....No, you are DEFINATLY not the only Mamma taking her babe out with only a fact, more babes should be as all to often they are so over-dressed
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Hahaha! My little Clare NEVER wears clothes. She detests anything except sometimes a thin t-shirt. Last week at the grocery store (it was 95 out) she was wearing her cute Under the Nile diapers and a women walked up to me and told me how unhygenic it was to use cloth diapers! I just looked at her and said, "my mother used them on me and my six sisters and we're all still thriving". babies is diapers are so cute, esp. when the diapers are big and bulky. Cute, cute, cute...
Count me in! DD rarely wears clothes regardless of season. Drives DH and the in laws crazy! I don't care...I like naked baby.
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hehe, if I was in diapers still, I'd be wearing just that and enjoying it! Temperatures are decent here, but it's SO humid!
It's been like 90 to 100 here in Utah and I can't bring myself to styfle my guy with clothes. He's always in his diaper, and when his dad comes home he hangs out in his boxers. I don't usually take ds out and about in his daiper, but I have on occasion. I've got some looks but who cares.I know whats best for my baby!

Originally Posted by frontierpsych
hehe, if I was in diapers still, I'd be wearing just that and enjoying it! Temperatures are decent here, but it's SO humid!
Me! Us! Yes!

Why put clothes on a baby in 100+ degree weather? If I could run around naked too, I would...
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I do it all the time. My friend commented yesterday about it being the first time he's seen my daughter in clothes.

I did it when my daughter was a newborn too, and people made comments. It really annoyed me.
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We live in Phoenix, and I don't mean on the outskirt of Phoenix where it actually rains once a blue moon, it was 113 dd spends ALOT of time's too flippin' hot to get her all dressed all the time.
Though I do feel guilty enough to dress her when gramma is coming over..including shoes (robeez so at least they are comfy shoes)...personally, I detest shoes...and if I had a 'playboy bunny body' I would detest clothes as well...
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Yep. Another mostly naked baby here, though she generally wears a baggy t-shirt as well.
yep! We do it too! Like others, I hate to make him wear clothes in stifling heat just because we're in public. Gosh, I wish I had gotten on the ball with EC right from the beginning so he didn't even have to wear a diaper and I could just put some undies on him.
I am one of those mamas that puts the clothes on and gives you mamas looks. Sorry for that, I wont next time. What is it with people anyway, thinking babes hafta wear clothes??
LOL, I am weird about clothes too. Even around the house. I justify it by saying that the house has a/c and so does the car, so she needs something to wear. Or I just like to dress her in cute outfits. But I will work on changing my attitude and not passing judgement on your nakie babies!

(But "catch a cold"? Come on! That's just silly!)
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add me to naked baby/toddler list.

i put shorts on my ds (2 1/2) when my dh is around when we're going to store because he thinks ds is 'naked' wearing 'just' a shirt and his diaper - hey, I put a diaper cover on hime when we leave the house (most of the time, lol)

As for my 7 month old, nope - he's just wearing his prefold (tie dyed!) and a shirt when we leave the house - only because he's a fair skinned red head and I don't want him getting burned. - and the friction of the car seat straps would irritate me, so he wears a shirt.

I don't usually get comments about my boys tushies. i don't think people realize they're actually cloth diapers, as very few people here in my town cloth diaper - I think I know all 4 people, lol.
Although, I do have a friend who's seriously dating a guy and she's already told me she wants to cloth diaper because my diapers look so cool!
(I use prefolds/covers - and I tie dyed my cpf premiums)

who would happily be nude, too, even though I DEFINITELY don't have a 'pretty' body anymore. . . . .
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DD goes around mostly in cotton onesies and diapers in this hot weather. I'd skip the onesies, but feel like my skin and her skin sticks together and then pulls uncomfortably when she's topless. She's easier to carry around in the onesie. But I certainly have no problem with sweet naked babes!
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Someone asked me what size ds is wearing, and I had to tell them I don't know! The most he is ever in other than a diaper is a lap tee, and that's only if we are going somewhere with cold, cold, cold air conditioning! I often have kids saying, "Why is that baby naked?" Why do we have such a stigmatism about the human body that even babies can't be naked?
DS wears just a diaper around the house all the time, but I do put a shirt on him when we go out because the air conditioning in stores can be a little extreme IMO. But he never wears a hat or socks and shoes unless its winter. I also love showing off his colorful Fuzzi Bunz
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