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I have a 13yo Chihuahua. I love him dearly but he's a pain in the rear.

He hasn't gotten out much this winter. Partly because we've been soooo busy and partly because it's really an ordeal to take him out around here. He's so close to the ground. If there's not snow, ice, and salt everywhere, it's windy and rainy and muddy. He gets cold really fast, even when we bundle him up. I can't find doggie boots that actually stay on his little feet (he's about 4.75 lbs).

Anyway, I've noticed over the past several weeks that he's been eating less. He's pretty much skipping breakfast and only eating dinner. And he's sleeping a LOT more than he used to. He doesn't appear to be ill in any way. His weight seems good; he doesn't look too thin or anything. When he's awake he plays and still has good energy to trot around and jump.

I just wonder if he might be gloomy because he's been housebound so much, or if he's just getting old all of a sudden.
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