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OLD prefolds

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Okay, so for baby showers I got 3 dozen Gerber prefolds with the thick middles. At the time, we were just using cloth diapers for burp rags and even then we HATED them. The didn't really absorb, and they always seemed stiff. (Is there ANY good use for these BTW?)

So my mom comes to the rescue and brings over about 6 dozen prefolds that she used with my little sister for a while. (Little sister is 13 and a half)

These things are AWESOME - soak up great. We used them for burp rags until I started CDing, and are now using them to stuff the pockets, and occasionally by themselves. But they aren't huge and they are no where near as good as the ones sold now, I'm just wondering what they were.

About half of them have the word "Curity" stamped on them, and the rest are so faded I can't tell.
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I wonder if those are the same Curity diapers that go for a lot of money on ebay.... you should check that out!
I bought a back of those gerber prefolds when I was buying all my baby stuff--no shower for me---and I have found them to be great back up stuffers when I run out of babykicks and MOE stuffers.
Defintely check out ebay--I often see the curity prefolds there with the work "vintage" before them, and they do often go for a lot of money! You could pick up some more (or sell your own when you're done with them!)

Curity were great diapers! We used curity flats with the older children and just threw out the last of them about a year ago...had been using them for rags for all these years. I don't think they make them any longer...but I could be wrong. I just know that I started out looking for them when I was ttc this time around and then in a long and twisted journey I ended up here and into the world of fitteds and and and............
Oh, wow. I didn't know they were worth money!! We use them for puke and pee....... Though I did know they worked GREAT!
Curity diapers are no longer made... the prefolds go for about $5 each on ebay, the flatfolds (no thick middle) go for much more (I saw an unopened box go for over $100). I actually have several curity prefolds that have velcro tabs on them (they say "pinless curity" in the corner) that I have been trying to find a value for.
I finally had to retire my mom's old Curity's - they'd be about 20 years old if they were still intact today! She used them on my twin sisters, and then I used them on most of my kids.

I have one of those "pinless" Curity pf's - it came in a rag-bag from the thrift shop! Perfect condition, too!
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