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Old Style vs New Style

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So all diapers do evolve a bit - and many things end up listed as old style and new style. Can anyone who knows the difference between old style and new style for any diaper, pleas list it here. I'll start with what I know...

Fuzzi Bunz: old - rounded tabs, three leg snaps, rainbow tag
new - pointy tag, 4 leg snaps, patent/tm tag

Snap-ez trainers - leg width range 1" larger on all sizes
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there was a style between these 2 fb's with pointy tabs and only 3 snaps ...
Old style Elbees had two rows of snaps, kind of like Fuzbaby.
The new style just have one row.

I think anyway . . .
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I know the old Wonderoos had a different way of adjusting the rise... the new style has snaps next to the thigh for making the rise shorter/longer; I *think* the old style folded down differently?? I'm not much help :LOL

El Bees have changed in the material of the binding (the new binding having some lycra in to it prevent holes)... the soaker has changed from rectangular to a more contoured shape... and I know the shape of the diaper itself has changed, but in very slight ways. The tag has changed form a "flap" to a small rectangular tag sewn all around the edges, with a tiny "flap" for sizing...

Anyone else?
fluffymail envelope AIOs:
older style: T&T leg openings, serged top
newer style: all serged

fluffymail size 0 fitteds
older style: one row of snaps, internal soaker, tiny
newer style: two rows of snaps, sewn in soaker, more roomy

all fluffymail:
older style: snap-in doubler
newer style: lay-in doubler
Oh and the Wonderoos tag has changed too... both the material in the tag (smoot to woven) and the font (this has changed a few times AFAIK)

Old style: Lower tag placement (to show the whole tag)
New style: Higher tag placement to hide doubler snap
Old Rumpsters 1
New Rumpsters 1
Old Rumpsters 2
New Rumpsters 2

The older ones didn't have cross over tabs and their velcro was just on the inside wings of the diaper. They had a hidden laundry velcro tab underneath the inside diaper flaps (that probably doesn't make any sense to someone reading this

The newer ones have fold over velcro tabs and extended velcro with cross over tabs.
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Wonderoos :
Went through atleast 5 different tags (i've got 5 kinds) and the really old style the front folded down to reveal the small setting, which was against the baby when in the larger setting if that makes sense.

And of course, the old wonderoos were colored suedecloth (i've got 12 with colored inners) and opposed to white, and the newer style is larger in the stride and tabs.
*and* the elastic around the pocket is much tighter than the old style, which I actually liked the looser kind (easier to stuff)
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