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Older Kids and Prodromal Labor

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We are hoping that I go into labor once the kiddos are in bed, so I can labor alone. Then we'll wake them up as the baby gets close to actually coming out. If its during the day, someone will be here to hang out with the kids, so that's not much of an issue.

What I'm worried about is that I have nice bouts of prodromal labor for weeks before I actually give birth and I want to have some stuff stashed to occupy them so I can labor in peace. (They will be 9.5, 8, 5 and 2.5 years old at the birth.)

I'm not opposed to video games or movies, so I will have some of those for the boys (9.5 and 5). But what's good - safe and not a mess - for a 2.5 yo little boy? And I usually give my dd (8) craft stuff, or set her up to bake, to keep her busy, but that won't work if I can't supervise in the kitchen or watch the little ones won't get into the craft stuff.

Any suggestions???
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i have the same thoughts!! i am thinking tho jus movies and video games lol my older 2 will be in school so i hope that will help some!
I REALLLY hope i have night time labor and birth so i can just wake up the girls when its time.
Mega Blocks, Duplo Blocks... at 2.5 I started giving my kids Lite Brite but I wouldnt leave them alone with it. A bin full of beans with measuring cups and spoons..

Uhh... other than that ... movies and snacks. lol
colouring and drawing things
activity books with simple dot-to-dots or similar easy puzzles
those books where you paint with water and it comes out in colour
simple jigsaw puzzles
music cds
books on tape/cd
cars and car tracks
simple games like Ludo if the older kids are happy to help him play

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
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