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Hi, all

My son, who is 10 months (today!) has had what seems like an never-ending ear infection. We have moved from a house that had mold issues, used mullien-garlic ear drops, taken him weekly to a chiro, even used anti-biotics, and he still has this awful ear infection. He is waiting on a refferal to an ENT, which I am dreading, because I am afraid that she wil want to do tubes.
But anyhow, to my question:

I was given a tincture of olive leaf extract today, and I am wondering if that would maybe help him? Does anyone know of it's safe for an infant? What sort of dose would I give him? Will he need probiotics after it, too? Is there anything I should know about OLE? Might it have any effect on his asthma/allergies?

Thank, mamas.

ETA: His doc no longer thinks it's bacterial, because the anti-biotics didn't work and he rarely runs a temp. She thinks it's either structural or allergy-related. Is there still any chance the OLE might work?

Thank again.
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