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I found an Olives & Applesauce carrier at a consignment store and bought it to use until my baby is big enough for my Babyhawk Oh Snap. Unfortunately, the contoured waistband doesn't work for me and my straight hips, though others love this feature. It appeared to have never been used. Made in USA, with the smooth-style straps pictured on the company website. My daughter spat up on one of the straps, which I will spot clean.<br><br>
Retails for $149. This carrier has the standard sewn-in infant insert and sleeping hood. The body is a peace sign pattern, and the straps are olive green. You can see the pattern here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
It does front facing-in, hip, and back carry. Shoulder straps cross in back for a front carry. There is no chest strap, though apparently most people don't need one with this carrier because of the shape of the shoulder straps. You can order a chest strap from the company for $6.<br><br>
Price includes shipping. Feel free to make me an offer! I will try to post a photo later, or PM me for one.<br><br>
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