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Olympia/Tacoma Hospitals

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Are there any doctors at any of the hospitals in the Olympia/Tacoma area that anyone knows about that will do a vaginal breech birth? I still have tons of time for the baby to flip (8 weeks to go) but I'd like to know if anyone knows of anyone/where specifically who has experience with vaginal breech deliveries.

I have group health so my choices are somewhat limited... St Pete's in Olympia or St. Joseph's in Tacoma... I'm a bit nervous to travel up to Seattle but I will if I have to for a vaginal birth (I had a 4 hour labor with DD, but if I recognized early labor signs DH and I could hang out in Seattle for a few hours before heading off to the hospital)... I can go to the GH hospitals in Redmond and Seattle, and Overlake hospital in Bellevue.
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Will nobody at St. Petes do it? All I know is that my midwives use that hospital because it is pretty mellow about many things. The couple times that I went there, I did notice a bit of a cruchy vibe going on. But I guess that doesn't mean they'll do a breech birth (nobody seems to anymore) But I'll ask around for you, good luck.
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I really have no idea if anyone will do a breech birth at St Pete's... I just found out Monday that my baby's breech so I'm looking into my options early to prepare myself if she stays breech (I'm currently working like crazy to flip this girl!).
If you can travel to Tacoma you might look into the Franciscan Midwives at St. Joe's. I saw Kathleen Murray who unfortunately doesn't work there anymore but all the other CNMs are really awesome. You could give them a call and find out.
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