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omega 3 ?-DHA

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I'm confused. I've been reading that the body has a difficult time taking plant based omega 3's and converting them to DHA. So, I was thinking of taking a fish oil supplement or just eating fish once in awhile. But then, most veggie info I've read says that eating good amounts of flax seed oil or hemp seed oil give your body the EFA's to convert them to DHA.

I don't want to start eating fish if I don't need to. Any advice or research you could pass along?

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I've been reading a lot about DHA and omega threes in the last week because DHA is good for your eyes and my little girl has eye trouble. Here is what I've learned the best places to get DHA is cod liver oil, wild alaskan salmon, and the seaweed that the salmon and cod eat. The other two omega threes I've heard about are ARA and ALA. Our bodies can convert ALA to DHA but its a slow inefficient process maybe? I'm not sure haven't read a lot about that. I'm one that feels strongly that you should when possible eat the nutrient in the whole food. I'm thinking my plan is to eat wild alaskan salmon 1-2 times a week and I'm still looking into giving my baby cod-liver oil. (I'm not sure about her getting too much vit D, or not getting a good brand of cod liver oil). Another source for DHA is egg yolks and you can get eggs from free range chickens that have been fed a fish meal diet and they have much much higher levels of DHA in them. If you learn more about getting DHA through seaweed please share your info here!
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I've heard there is a DHA supplement from algae. Is it as effective as the form from fish? Also, I wonder about the quantity. How much would one have to consume to equal the recommended amount of DHA?
Here is an interesting discussion on this subject:;t=002511;p=
It does get heated sometimes on that board....
You can consume plant-based sources and your body should be able to convert it to DHA. My body has been fouled up enough that I don't rely on food sources that my body has to convert if I don't need to, so I take cod liver oil. The only way you're really going to know that the plant-based sources are working for you is to get a blood test like the fatty acids test at
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