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OMG! DH snappied a pf!

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You must understand my amazement---it took like three tries to explain to him how to snap together a kissaluvs 0 so it wasn't falling off her. Being that it's the weekend and all he has more time in the morning to fuss over her so he was changing her dipe and her outfit---it did seem to be taking a while now that I think of it---
and I just assumed it was into a kissaluvs--I have them set aside for his (and her
) personal use.

But he did it! I was flabbergasted at the the next change to find her in a neatly bikini-twisted, snappied pf! Woohooo! We do have some fitteds, but mostly rely on pf's for our little super can't imagine how happy I am--or maybe you can! :LOL
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I totally understand! Dh was going to change dd's dipe when he noticed the snappi'd pf. He stared at it quickly closed the cover and said "Too complicated, come change your kid!" He doesn't have a prolem if he has to put on an AIO and we only have 1 AIO so he doesn't change her often LOL! Yeah my dh is snap illiterate too.
Way to go DH!!

I always love how a man can design a complex computer network with strong security, can tear apart an engine and put it back together, diagnose all kinds of household problems... but gets befuddled by a simple diaper.


Honestly DH does really well... it's just taken him almost 3 years to get prolific with it.
Still can't figure out how to fold the aplix tab back into place though.
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My husband's attempts at this were rather humorous! I have pretty much retired my snappi's!
I must say Clint does very, very well. On the weekend he is the one to change almost all of Corby's diapers. We only have pf's and covers. He did do something cute the other day. He put Corby's new Celtic Wool on inside out and asked me why the "thing with snaps" was just hanging there flapping. I held in my laughter until he left.
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