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OMG, how scary!!!!

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This morning I had one of the scariest moments of my life. M and I were ready to leave the house so we went out to the car. It was about 8:00 and it was only about 35degrees outside, so I had her wearing long sleeve shirt and long pants and a warm jacket. So I buckled her into her car seat and put her blanket on her to keep her warm and cranked up the heat. I closed the doors to minimize the wind hitting her and went around to get my ice scraper. I accidentally hit the automatic door locks and LOCKED MY BABY IN THE CAR!!!!! I was freaking out. I was absolutely hysterical. Fortunately the maintenance man from my building was walking by and he called the police. Poor kid was in the car for almost 30 minutes in her car seat. She doesn't know how to get out and I tried showing her but she couldn't really hear me through the window and she was scared so she couldn't figure it out. I just kept signing "i love you" and talking to her although she couldn't hear me. It took 3 policemen and 2 AAA tow truck guys to get her out and she was overheated. I was absolutely hysterical. I cried for 20 minutes after they got her out while I held her. I missed my morning class and couldn't bear to drop her off at daycare this morning so I'm missing another afternoon class too. I can't even tell you all how scared I was. My baby was cryign and there was nothing I could do. She wouldn't even let go of her blanket and she was so scared. She is fine now obviously, playing and laughing. But I could'nt bear to leave her at the sitter's house. I put a piece of tape over the door locks and will NEVER use them again. I am making a copy of my key and keeping a spare set of keys in my apartment. The thing was, I didn't have any keys to get into my building(we just moved into an apartment building) but the maintenance man could have let us in and I would have had my spare car keys there.
OMG, I am still so freaked out. I had the morning from heck!!!!!
(loving on her sweet girl today!!!)
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That is scary.
I'm glad your daughter is OK. A friend of mine had the same thing happen to her!
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How scarey!
I'm glad to hear everyone's ok now. Give your little girl a big hug and spend the day with her. You'll both feel better!

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What a morning! I think about that scenario every time I see a Pop-A-Lock truck. They advertise free service to unlock a car with a child trapped inside.

Glad you all are OK!
I know how you feel,.
I locked my son in the car when he was a baby once. The police told me it wasn't an emergency so they would send someone over when they could. When they did show up they couldn't help. It was a rental car so I called the rental agency to see if they had a spare pair of keys and teh lady was really nice and sent a locksmith over right away no charge!
The thing about moments like that is they never happen again!
What a scarey feeling. Glad she's feeling all better.
My sister did that once when ds2 was a baby and he was hungry and she had run out of ebm. I sat in my house crying till he got home. I would have gone there myself and broke the window to get at him but my sister already had a tow truck driver/ very good friend in route and I knew he would get there before me.
My eyes are filling up just thinking about it!
I have done it as well - but the police came ASAP - total of maybe 15 mintues, and I don't think Ethan realized it was any different then when I smile at him while pumping gas. I OTOH was an absolute WRECK! (((hugs)))
OMG how scary for you! Thank god she is alright! It happends to alot of people so don't feel bad
Well, faerybugmady, I'm gonna "out" myself just to make you feel less alone!

This just happened to me a week ago. Long story, basically my remote-entry device broke off my keychain and I was carrying it in my pocket. Ran out of the car for one second and locked the doors from the inside before I did, thinking how safe and smart I was to check to make sure my remote was in my pocket. Imagine my shock when it didn't work!!!! I was parked on a VERY busy street with TONS of street traffic and pedestrians and I was really embarrassed, not to mention upset and near tears myself. I called 911 and a foot cop shows up with no way to open my car (WTF??) so we had to wait for a tow truck. They charged me $40, too. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes but DD was bawling her eyes out so I was a major basket-case. I don't know what was worse, the guilt I felt at putting DD throught that, or the embarrassment and self-chastising I put myself through because of it. This had happened to friends of mine and I swore I'd never let it happen to me.

Yeah, right.

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It happened to me, too. Got out to pump gas, and the doors automatically locked behind me. It was winter time, but I was lucky that I had left the car running. It took my husband about 20 minutes to get there, ds fell asleep and didn't realize anything had happened. Now I NEVER leave the keys in the car.

I'm so sorry it was so traumatic for the two of you. That is the worst feeling. Your heart just drops as you realize what has happened.

You feel so helpless. I doubt she will be scarred for life, though. I'm sure it will be worse for you than her.
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I did it too. I was at "mother and baby" yoga on my way to the health food store in the car I had borrowed from my SIL when I did it. Oh, it was horrible, terrible, my poor child with the un-fit mother (me). I feel your pain! I mentioned where I was and where I was going to illustrate the irony of the situation, for me. I only had the car so I could do these great things for my kid and then I lock her in the car!!! Then I had all these yoga moms freaking out all around me just making everything worse. I don't mean to offend any yoga moms out there but they were all around me FREAKING OUT telling me to "break the glass, break the glass…if it were me, I would break the glass!" They were making me feel like a heartless mother because I was thinking about the risks breaking glass all over my child, the cost of the window and that the weather was mild and that my child wasn't even crying.

When they got the doors open all the other yoga moms started to break down in tears…it was like baby Jessica had be rescued from the well. If you're sensing some animosity here, you're right on because I was really focused on the firm reality of the situation, was my child okay…it was her that I needed to focus on. I felt like a freak in the eyes of these other moms because I didn't totally freak out and loose my "you know what".

I've gone on and on now. All I wanted to do was say…yea, done it too. After I did it I was pissed that all the baby books didn't have a chapter on "How Not to Lock your Baby in the Car" because I talked to about 5 other mothers who had done it…including my own.
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wow thank you everyone for posting. It happened two days ago and I am starting to be a little less nervous though I check 4 or 5 times to make sure I have my keys each time I get out of the car(you know, in case some crazy gust of wind closes and locks my doors with my daughter inside as I try to get her out of her seat! he he he). We spent the day together(I blew off two classes to do it) and I feel better. She is fine, doesn't even really remember it at this point. Thank goodness.
To be honest with you all, I am a single mama who just moved into her first apartment on her own and I'm on such a tight budget that I couldn't afford to break the window. I would have done it if there wasn't a way to get her out obviously but I was REALLY hoping I wouldn't have to. I feel so bad for even considering leaving her in a few minutes longer just so I didn't have to break the window! But I guess that's what happens on a tight budget, right? Geez, I'm just glad that it's over and I'm more diligent now. To the mommy who posted above that this wont' happen again, you are DARN RIGHT IT WON'T!!!!!! I'm superviligent about stuff like this now!
Meg(feels better now!)
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To this day Whenever I need to step out of the car (like to close the driveway gates) I always hit the unlock button(unless to press the button only the drivers door will be unlocked) and open my window 1/4 to 1/2 way.
I did tell my husbad the day it happened to ds that had it been me that was there and done that I wouldn't have hesitated to break a window.
The same thing happened to me! I was in a parking lot nursing DS, got out to put everyone into the grocery cart but closed the door so DD wouldn't runout into a parking lot and SHE pushed the button on my remote locking thing. I can proudly say, though, I did not panic. I just kept asking her to show me how she can push the button. She did and now I don't leave the keys within her reach!

I'm sorry that that happened to you and your DD - I can't tell you how many people I know that Have done the same thing.
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I also check to make sure I have the keys and hit the unlock button about 10 times just to make sure. Ds is the only child that's happened to so far you become paranoid after doing it once and usually never do it again.
Oh my!! I would have been in hysterics, too!! Your story gives me the incentive to have a second key made to my minivan. Give your baby girl lots of hugs and kisses.
We did it too (actually it was DH who did it)
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