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OMG, Look What I Found!!!!!!!

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I can't scan the pic, but I found something in Fit Pregnancy while reading it at work (it was there). Here's how the ad goes:

Don't let morning sickness slow you down.

Be discreet with this sporty, leak-proof bag that holds your keys and tissues, too!

For peace of mind...

************************************************** **

Okay, is it just me, or is that just... well, weird? How many of us want to barf in a reusable bag that we have to clean out later? AND it holds my keys and tissues too? Well, hot damn, let me run out and get my redebag today as I'm sure I'll have a need to barf in a sporty leak-proof bag and carry it around with me untill I can dump it... And while I'm dumping it, I'll probably need it again 'cause the smell from the first vomitus will be there. Lovely. I personally call it "BARF-IN-A-BAG."
I mean, if you're needing to barf, wouldn't you just wait untill you could find a place? I know sometimes it's an immediate urge, but... Well. Huh. I just found the ad extremely hilarious given what it's trying to sell. What do you think????
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lol ok i have two things to say EWWWWWWWWWWWWW and :LOL :LOL :LOL
Eeeewww! Let me just grab that & run into the supermarket instead of grabbing my purse....reach in for the wallet & .... oops! :LOL
I admit that I opened this thread cuz I thought you were going to share some amazing thrift store find....which I love, but now I am ever so much happier that I have discovered the red-e-bag. lmfao!! I cannot believe these exist or anyone would ever buy one! These are my favorite lines from the website...

"for anyone who wants to be discreet when they get sick in public" opposed to those who like barfing really loud and obviously??

"ready to catch over a 1/2 gallon of fluid" ... that leaves me wondering how much solids can it hold? really, 1/5 gallon of puke?! in a purse?

but the BEST selling point..."When the bag is no longer needed for its original purpose, it can be used as a general all purpose bag." What?! Like you could just use it as a diaper bag after the baby is born? Maybe pack your toiletries? A snazzy nightclub bag...and oops, if you drink too much...just unsnap and :puke

that is so disgusting and entirely hysterical. Thanks for sharing!!
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I didn't go to the site, the ad was enough, but, hey, those are funny, too! I really just can't believe someone would run out and buy one of those. I guess therez a niche in the market for everyone!
uke Oops, wherez my redebag?????
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hee hee. i don't know if i should be more appalled or amused!
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I was speaking with WendyLouWho and she told me there's apparently a slide show on *how* the redebag can be used. As if I need someone to show me!
. Anyway, just thought we could all use a laugh as we as a whole reach for our redebags!:puke
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Well, if I weren't nauseous before reading about this neat little doo-dad....I am now! :LOL

I am just imagining me using!
Well, I was very sick during my pregnancies and I think it would have been a lot less embarrassing than all the times I :puke out in public, on the grass, on the street, etc. You get the picture.
Don't know that I would have bought it for myself, but I would consider it for my son that gets car sick a lot. It is gross, but so isn't throwing up in my brand new car.
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oops double post
TY all so much for the laugh! I have had the worst
evening ever and when I came here and read the posts I had to LOL. mama_nancy, your post especially made me roll. Thanks!
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Ok , this is crazy! I can just imagine...I am one of those procrastinator types who leaves bags of food containers and sippy cups sitting in a room untill I finally get the urge to clean them out...I have been known to leave a poopy cloth diaper balled up in a plastic bag for long enough that in the end I threw it out...Like I could find the motivation to deal with my filled up barf bag when I got home...several days later

Man!!! somethings are just better disposable!

Is someone making a fortune on that product or what??? DOUBTER!! They have an idea...Maybe we should all patent our own

THROW-AWAY THROW-UP BAGS......complete with pretty carry case!!!!!

Thanks for the laugh...I'll think of it next time I throw up in the kitchen sink after catching a whif of the garbage!
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Well, I'm telling you, I just told my DH my favorite barf place is the kitchen sink, enough said. TMI can get you sick, too. Sigh. Even Hunter is running around pretending to retch. He thinks it's funny. Love the lovely kids. They are such hams.
GROSSSS!!!!! I barf a lot... on the side of the road, in trash cans, and my favorite and preferred place, in the bathroom sink. I would NEVER be able to rinse out a barf bag without barfing yet again, something I try to avoid! LOL!

I usually carry 2 grocery bags (one inside the other, because one of the 2 always has a hole!!), tie em up and toss them. And for me, there is NO discrete barfing.. I'm loud, whiney and gross and mostly sound like I'm dying! :LOL

THis product gave me a laugh, but I hope the makers aren't planning to make a killing on it!
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EEEEWWWW!!! but sadly I could see people with eating disorders ordering these things. I know that a lot of belimic people don't puke at home b/c parents might find out and so instead they puke in jars or bags and dispose of them later.

well, anyway that's the first thing I thought of when I saw that add...but I personally could never puke in a bag, you'd get that smell coming right back at ya :puke

also, I'd hate to clean it out
I kWYM, for me, tho, there is no discrete barfing at all. DH says I can wake the dead in Egypt with the noise. Oh, well, maybe it's a subconcious urge on my part to make him feel sympathetic to my plight......
haha haha ha ha.....
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EWWWWW!!!! Lol, the concept is interesting, but EWWWW! I certainly wouldn't want to clean it out! Blech!

I'd like to just say one thing in response to that ad...

If I can't let morning sickness slow me down, what CAN I let slow me down? I get sick and tired of people out there acting like we should just WANT to keep on going and going, so what if you're puking the whole way...?
Well, of course, morning sickness shouldn't be slowing you down. Never in a million years. I can imagine a high powered female executive in the middle of a big presentation barfing "discretely" into her redebag.
Not to resurrect this thread or anything
, but I did come across several instances this weekend where I would use a Redebag. In the car while travelling to the Renaissance Festival, I was completely nauseated, so, we stopped at a McDonalds. and there were waaaay too many ppl in the restroom, so I just had to fight it untill it passed. At the Renaissance Festival, I almost passed out because of the heat. I felt like I needed to throw up, and, as I was fading, I mumbled to my DH, "Dammit, I should've bought a redebag!!!" Of course, he thought that was too too funny because of all my rants about the product. Guess I'll have to eat my words (get the redebag in case they don't stick!)
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