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~OMG~ Please stop screaming!!!!! * DC CIO right now.. what is wrong?

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ERRHRHRH! My 16 mo old has been screaming for two days.

I do not mean throwing tantrums. She will be fine one moment, then just screaming bloody murder the next. Nothing comforts her. I have given her gasdrops, teas for tummy aches, teething tabs. She has not eaten much today or yesterday.. but has freq wet diapers and has had BM yesterday and today. She was seen by the Chiro yesterday and seemed to be better until about 8:30pm

She was sick this past weekend. She had a fever on Sunday & Monday. No fever since... Tue & Wed she was very clingy and had really droopy eyes (she had the druged look). Tues night she woke up a few times screaming bloody murder and it has not stoped.

Right now she is CIO on the floor.. does not want me to pick her up.. does not want to be held at all.. does not want a drink, food, toys.. NOTHING WILL COMFORT HER AT ALL. This makes me feel like a piece of @$$ cause I cannot do anything for her.. so she CIO..

I have no damn idea what the hell is going on. I am at a loss. Can anyone offer any insite?

I do not do tylenol.. but am about to give her a dose!
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do you have any Chamomilla on hand? I'd give her a dose and maybe repeat in 4 hours if she is still fussy/clingy

wait, before you do that....what other symptoms did she have with the fever?
I have given her Chamomile... no difference.

Other symptoms...

*Sunday she got all lazy (so to speak). Had a low fever. As the day progressed so did her fever. Gave her some teething tabs (belladona for fever)... *I do not believe in breaking a fever when the body has one*.... She was not crying/screaming then-very tired, sleepy, just wanted to be held.. did NOT feel well.

*Monday she continued the fever. I continued day before. Began to make her some Chamo tea. Seemed to help her a bit. Took her to the Chiro and she slept rather well that night. This day is when she just did not *look* well. You could see in her eyes she did not feel up to par. I stayed home from work this day with her.

*Tues she still had the droopy eye look. NO more fever. Not completely clingy, but you could tell she did not feel well still.

Over night Tue-Wed she woke up many times just SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER. We checked and changed diapers, offered drinks, ect.. nothing made her happy.

*Wed I got a call from the sitter that she was screaming like something was wrong, but sitter could find nothing wrong with her. Again, I came home. I had to drive out of town lastnight. DD stayed with DH. About hour after I left he called cell and said she had been screaming non-stop since I left.
Told to give her some chamo/sleepy tea and offer teething tabs.
-No fever.

*Thur...OMFG... IT HAS NOT STOPED ALL DAMN DAY. No matter what I try, dont try, think of trying.. she just does not stop.
Like I said before.. she will be okay for a few moments, then she will just scream for 20. Be okay for a few, and scream.

I left my Rescue at a birth I went to and never seen it again.. perhaps I should go get more?
Do you think it would make that much of a diff???
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am I crazy to suggest maybe taking her to a ped to see fi there is anything they can do? maybe something is wrong that they would be able to detect.
Just remembered.. but do not think it is the cause now..

On Saturday, she was helping outside in the yard and she got antbites on her feet. I ended up giving her some homeopathinc for it and put tea tree oil on the site.
I would definitely take her to the pediatrician. Maybe it is nothing but I always feel better (if my sense is that something might be wrong) to have them give her a look over and confirm I am right to just keep taking care of her the way I was.

My dd2 just got over bronchitis. I wasn't worried when she had a cold - but it hung on for weeks, and she could barely sleep with the coughing. One night it just sounded bad to me and the next day (Saturday even) we took her in and her lungs had junk in them. I am anti-meds usually but will use them when I feel it is necessary. Sometimes it is necessary. I have a wonderful pediatrician and we really understand each other.

It is hard when they are so little and unable to really tell you - but her symptoms and her incessant crying are telling you she is having a problem. I am so sorry; I know how hard it is to have them hurting and you unable to fix it (dd2 had raging colic and it was about the end of both of us).

I don't know what it could be, or what the symptoms of rare and random stuff are but I'd want someone more versed in disease than me take a look and tell me there weren't signs of menengitis or something odd.

Oh, and I rarely give Tylenol either but would in this case in a heartbeat. I don't give it to reduce fever (I think that is a good response that doesn't need to be messed with generally) but to try to make them comfortable if other things aren't working.

Keep us posted.
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I agree with pp and think it's time to have someone look at her. Sounds like there is some thing very wrong. Hopefully not, but constant crying / abnormal behavior are signs of a problem and it's been going on for some time now.
Hope she starts feeling better soon.

Any thing different going on at home? Extra stresses?
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Yes, take her to a could be something that you would never know to look my cousin somehow broke her arm when 4mos old, parents still don't know how it happened, but they found out why she screamed like you're describing for days w/o cause or relief. Don't medicate because it might mess with a doc's diagnosis.

Some suggestions:

Take her into a dark room, put some soft music on and dance with/rock her for a few minutes.

Lay down with her in your bed and see if you both can take a nap

Sing quietly to her

Take her for a car ride, the change of scenery may help or she may fall asleep

If she's still nursing, comfort nurse her

If she is verbal ask her if something hurts, ask her to point to what hurts

Take a few minutes to yourself if you can. Not being able to comfort a crying baby is stressful for a mama. Let her know you need to be along for a minute and that you will return shortly. Take some deep breaths and when you regain your composure go back and pick her up and offer her some words of comfort. Even if she does not stop crying it will comfort her to know that you are there for her.

Check out her ears, the only time my DS ever screams like he's being murdered is when he has a horrible ear infection. Usually the ear infections come on suddenly and fevers are the first sign. I hope your day gets better mama
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Definitely call the ped. There could be something internal going on that you can't see. Probably an ear infection.
Thanks everyone.

Someone else (irl) suggested EI.. but she has not at all tuged at her ears, or shown any other signs of EI.

I am on my way now to a friends house who is nursing. I do not have any milk

Thanks so much.

Also, I gave her the tylenol. She still cried for about 20 min and now seems to be a bit happier.

*just joking*..
I think she is Bi-Polar
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she doesn't have to have symptoms of an EI to have an EI. her screaming could be the symptom.

Originally Posted by Tummy
I am on my way now to a friends house who is nursing.
unless that friend also happens to be a pediatrition, I think you should make a change of plans and GO TO THE DOC!!!
I agree...go to the ped. She doesn't have to be tugging at her ears for it to be an ear infection.
I agree with the others about ear infection. Middle or inner ear infections sometimes don't show any overt symptoms.
My gut doesn't say ear infection but it could be - my kids have had them without tugging at their ears.

Symptoms at my house are almost always:
recent cold
poor sleeping

Just to ease your mind and know you are set to just ride it out - especially with the weekend coming! - I'd go to the pediatrician for a once over. Do you have a ped you like/trust?
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