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OMG! The Diaper Fairy came! and she brought WOOL!!!

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OMG! I'm still in shock! The Diaper Fairy paid a visit to my house today and brought my ds Chase a beautiful blue Luxe Baby WIO! It's so soft and strechy! It came with a snap-in wool liner, snap-in diaper, silk topped doubler, and silk liner. How generous!


I immeadiately stripped ds down and put it on him and it fits perfectly with lots of room to grow. I just feel so loved and touch that someone took the time to send us something so nice.

Thank you "Northwest Diaper Fairy"! You made my day!

Here are a couple pictures of Chase modeling his new WIO. . .
Luxe Baby
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That's a gorgeous diaper and baby.
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What an awesome DF! Your little man is soooo cute I could gobble him up! That WIO looks great on him too. I've been wanting to try Luxe baby- hope you both enjoy it. Go diaper fairy
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Normally I just read all the diaper fairy post and smile, but I gotta say, I want to try one of those so bad! It looks great on your little man.
That is great!

I emailed her when we first got started CDing a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could be put on some kind of list. Moma might not eat for a week, oops gotta do that cause I'm :bf , but I hope to find a way. My bday is coming up in a couple of months, hmmmmm sounds like a good present to me. Part of it now and all of the extras for xmas!

I am soooooooooo excited for you. Enjoy and please post pics of DS in it!
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Oh WOW he's handsome and man that color looks good on him! Did you have all of the components inside when you took the picture (like the doubler and liner)?

I love his eyes and all his chub, he's precious! Yay to the diaper fairy!
Wow, that's an awesome diaper fairy! And your little guy is gorgeous!
Great diaper (I'm a little jealous).

That Diaper Fairy has some really good taste in diapers. She's a keeper.
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Wow! It's Wooly Wednesday in Diaper Fairy land! That's awesome!
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WOW! What a fairy!!! That's awesome!!!

CUTE baby!!!

Originally Posted by JennInSeattle
Did you have all of the components inside when you took the picture (like the doubler and liner)?
I had all the components inside except the silk liner. Even with all that stuff inside it was still very trim.

Gosh! This was my first visit ever from the Diaper Fairy, and I'm still glowing!
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Oh I love that you're gushing and I bet your fairy does too! That is just so cool!
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How wonderful!!
Gorgeous baby and that WIO looks super soft!
That is sooooo cool!

VERY luxe!! Love it! Such a bright fun color too! Your kiddo is a ham!
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