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OMG went to a circumfetishist site

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I was looking for info about hypospadias and one of the links was for a circ fetish site, masquerading as circ info. I don't know how any parent could be fooled by this, as ALL of the pictures were of erect adult penises, most of them of the whole man, posing erotically. Doesn't this send up a red flag to people when they are looking for info for their new baby? Also, they talk about how when you get circ'ed, you want to leave as much of the sensitive inner foreskin as possible. Um, why not leave it all? :puke
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Galatea, my son has hypo. I can give you links to some sites, if you like.

Thankfully I never came across that one in my travels.
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Well, then there are the sites that have impressive sounding 'societies' and medical practices associated with them.

The fetishness can be subtle. Most people will start out at the home page... it is only when you start going deeper into the website do you start to wonder what was going on.

And some of them have specific sections to try to help children and teens.

A few of the ones do link to admitted circ fetish yahoo groups. Parents are probably fooled/appeased because the site offers a disclaimer before giving out the group information.

Unfortunate that there are a few clever pro-circers out there. They do a lot of damage because the casual observer doesn't get the whole picture. And a parent doing a cursory check on circ that comes across these sites is led to believe that intactness is a huge huge risk and problem after problem.

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