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OMG..when did you "drop"?

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I am 32 weeks.
My friend taught we weeks ago how to measure my fundel(sp) height.I have been doing this about once a week and writing it down.I measured on Wed. and was 32cm.Well, tonight my mom said my belly just looked different,the baby has seemed to be moving different today( kicks not as high up)and I feel like i can breath better.Anyhow, so i measure a few minutes ago and I am measuring 27cm!!Plus I feel a bunch a pressure/achey like in my lower back.Baby is moving around like crazy.No contractions.How worried should i be?
How soon did most of you drop before you went inot labor.
Thank you AGAIN,
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I dropped at 32 weeks and delivered naturally at 37 1/2 weeks. Those were a pretty uncomfortable 5 weeks, but it really helped to efface and dilate my cervix. I think the baby's head resting on the cervix as you move around during the helps with station, effacement, and dilation. (Of course that's my own theory. I don't have any proof).
mamanurse,thanks for answering so fast,I am freaking a little.
I don't remember exactly when it was, but probably about a month before birth with both babies. I kept thinking whenever I bent over or sat down that I could squish the head because of the pressure! And oh! the trips to the bathroom...

Best wishes!!!
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With my second I never 'officially' dropped. DD two was always low. I felt cervical pressure from around twenty weeks on and I never had a round belly. It literally looked like a ski slope and my belly button actually pointed to the ground.
It looked pretty funny. She went on to be born two days before her EDD, two weeks later than big sis who came on her own and dropped at 37 weeks. Try not to worry too much. Most likely your body is doing just fine. Just keep listening to your body and if you are worried talk to your care provider.
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A friend of mine's baby dropped at 24 weeks, and her doctor was FREAKING OUT. The baby was that low. He thought for sure she'd be delivering anytime. He told her she WOULD have a preemie.

Well, she ended up going 39 weeks.
That's without doing anything like bedrest or anything like that. Her baby just dropped super early, but didn't try to come out that early.
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First baby dropped at 28 weeks, born at 38 weeks (induced, otherwise I'd have gone longer).

2nd and 3rd babies dropped in the 32-35 week range. I just measured 34cm at my 34w prenatal and was still 34cm at my 36w prenatal.
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